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  1. I'm in the same boat: I got a card from a t-shirt vendor, but I've lost it. They had a collection of custom-designed awesome horror shirts, very artistic....I think they were on the ground floor, near the central stairs. There was a fantastic rendering of Stephen King's "IT" on display, but they were out of my size....Does anyone know who this might be?
  2. You scared Tom Savini? Bet that doesn't happen often to him often Wish I could figure out how to put up Photo on here I've got a photo of me talking to him all excited and him looking St me like "back away from the craaaazy lady....!!" When I met him, he seemed a bit out of sorts. Not sure if he's a real smiley person under good conditions, but it was very hot in his area, and he looked uncomfortable and grumpy lol
  3. The only 'rude' crew member I encountered was the woman trying to keep order at the Level 3 lifts Saturday. There was a huge queue to get down the stairs, and when people starting leaving the talk and tried to push in at the front, I went up and politely told them that there was a queue and showed them where the end of it was. Most people, although confused (as we all were) as to why there was a queue to go down the stairs, joined the back of it. One group of young men simply stood then, waiting for me to return to my place in line, then started pushing in again. When I tutted loudly at them, I was basically told to f*** off. I went to the crew member, explained what had happened, and told her that if this continued, there were probably be some fights breaking out as some people had been in the queue for 30 minutes already and were getting frustrated. She basically brushed me off and said there was nothing she could do about it. She made no attempt to even look for another crew member or venue security.
  4. That's true, they shouldn't, but I've known people to get banned from the forum when they've been perfectly calm, reasonable, and polite: no bad language, no slagging anyone off, just offering constructive criticism and suggestions on how to make LFCC enjoyable for everyone.
  5. After signing my partner's Alien quadrilogy book, James asked if there was anything else I wanted, so I asked for a quick photo. He came around the table and we got a nice photo holding up the book. What a nice thing for him to do! Going to be tough watching him play a bad guy now
  6. We were told this re: Sherilyn Fenn as well.....
  7. You scared Tom Savini? Bet that doesn't happen often to him often
  8. Don't give them any ideas! lol I'd like to meet her again sometime
  9. It is your choice to have purchased/scheduled 50 photoshoots; SM may have a lot of rules, but they certainly don't require anyone to buy a certain number of photoshoots lolThe show can, indeed, become "too big" for a particular venue, but as far as it being "too big" because people have to pack loads into their day isn't SM's fault. Last year, I spent more at LFCC than at any single con since I started attending them. Could I have spent more? Absolutely. Generally, I prefer to get autographs because there is usually a chance to chat with the guests I admire; it is rare that I spend money on a photoshoot - I save those for the "massive" guests on my list, such as John Hurt. This year, at the moment, there are only about 4 or 5 guests I "have" to meet. Could I choose to meet more? Absolutely, but I'd rather not feel rushed off my feet and be able to enjoy the event. It doesn't seem like SM can win either way: if the guest list is sparse, people complain; if it's loaded with guests, people complain..... I have not bought 50 ! I know it's my choice what to buy and I never said any different. My complaint about the event getting bigger is partially due to the fact that while this event grows and grows, other events are being left behind. Cardiff this year was very sparse and Mk seemed to have been forgotten. You may not have purchased that many, but several posters were complaining because they had purchased so many photoshoots that they were concerned that they wouldn't be able to get to all of them......
  10. In addition to Rose Leslie, who I'm very glad I didn't get a photoshoot with because she's stunningly beautiful and I would've looked like a troll, Sherilyn Fenn was a fantastic guest. I finally managed to catch up with her Sunday, and we had a great chat about her role in Of Mice and Men. I teach the book and show the film, and it was wonderful to get some perspective on her character. She verified a few things I'd wondered about, and I can't wait to get back to school in September and share them with my students Naomi and Erika from American Horror Story were fabulous as well! They seemed so happy to be there and made time to talk to every guest, sharing anecdotes from the show, etc. I know some people were complaining that Erika was late getting to photoshoots, back to her signing table and such, but she kept getting stopped by people as she was walking, and being the lovely lady she is, she would stop to chat. I'd rather have a guest like that in attendance than someone who, even when spoken to politely in passing, simply blanks you and moves on. I got autographs from both ladies for my daughter's Christmas gift - she lives in America and got me hooked on AHS - and would love to get a few more AHS cast members at SM shows :::hint hint hint:::
  11. We've met Ray twice and he's absolutely one of my all-time favourite guests to meet; you stand in the queue a long time for him, but when you see how much time he takes with every fan, it's worth the wait. Like Garrett Wang, he makes you feel like you're the only fan in the world lol
  12. While standing in the queue for Ray Park at another event, we listened to Garrett as he spoke to and interacted with his fans - he is absolutely so funny and genuine and really takes the time to make each fan feel special
  13. I think we were in the queue with you for Rose Leslie - she was absolutely adorable and so sweet! There aren't many guests I'd go back to meet multiple times, but she's definitely one person I'd love to see again
  14. Neve was my fave to meet, she was dead chatty and I didn't feel rushed at her table. She was my highlight. My other highlight for a smaller celeb would be collete hiller from Alien. She was really lovely and chatty. Asked if we wanted a photo with her etc such a lovely lady. Really nice. No wonder her queue took ages lol Colette was like the Energizer bunny! She was bouncing around, coming around for pics with the fans, very chatty. My partner is the Aliens fan, but I really enjoyed meeting her as well :-)
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