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  1. Hi JG Never received an email, did you send them in the end? Regards
  2. Did you contact people in the end? I've not received any contact since first registering. Just checking. Thanks.
  3. probably hard to tell, but if you look at the photo there's just over 20 characters, most of which will not be the main 'stars' and will come into the £10-25 each category, but more likely 15 average. Therefore one is probably looking at £300-400 I'd guess unless you want to add others. Doesn't feel unreasonable to me....although appreciate the fun in actually collecting them all yourself!
  4. cool, so signed up! a quick question, with only 30 prints available (did I read right?) would showmaster consider numbering each as 1/30, 2/30 etc? Just as one would with all limited edition prints.
  5. After reading all the posts from Friday and Saturday I was dreading Sunday as I was taking my 5 year old along. Having been last year with him and it not being too bad (honestly!) I couldn't believe it could be worse. Actually it wasn't, I actually thought it went well and we all had a great time, even if I did have to carry him on my shoulders most of the time. We arrived at about 10:30 and after some bizarre free-for-all crowd surge in the first hall prior to reaching the zig zag got in within 20 mins of arriving. I also though that the vast majority of attendees were very polite and courteous. That said, I wasn't looking for lots of autographs or photo shoots, if I had I think it would have been very difficult. I saw no signs, no guides and I only knew where things were by exploring. I never even made it to a third level. But then when taking a child along I just accept that it's about soaking in the atmosphere and having a bit of fun, if I wanted to get serious I'd have to go alone. In fact, saying that, the worst bit about the whole event was taking my wife along. OMFG. Sadly she is an event organiser and this was her first LF Comic Con........all she could do was tell me how she would do it better....how she had set up many shows at Olympia.......in great detail.....blah blah blah.
  6. Awesome idea, but I'm a bit confused (a common occurrence). What's the difference between paying £105 now and £50? (yeah yeah, other than £55!). I mean is there a reason I would pay the £105 now instead of £50? Is it a different order? If I paid £50 when would the balance be due and how would I pay? Sorry. I'm sure I'm being a bit thick
  7. "Arresting" Harley and Poison Ivy! Again, thank you ladies for making a little boy's day. Let me buy you a drink if you're ever in central London.
  8. My little boy enthralled by Spiderman (although I imagine in 14 years time it will be Black Cat....!) Sooooo wonderful that Cosplayers took the time to do things like this, I'm very grateful that people are so kind.
  9. If I knew how to add a picture I would, but I was really impressed with the outcome of the ET pics. Looking at the Game of Thrones ones posted on the forum so far, the lighting looks really awful and over exposed; hope they revisit that in the future.
  10. Stick with me here.... So now that this event has grown so much and has much bigger guests, perhaps discussing all these small tweaks is a false economy, maybe it's time to re-evaluate all together. I am not a convention goer per se but I do go to a lot of large sports events, business conventions and concerts. This - and I mean to with genuine respect - seemed to be out of its depth - and the lack of organisation and 'professional' tips and tricks weren't obvious (signs, queue management, flow plans, rest spaces etc). I can imagine that once there was quite a distinct type of audience; those who are die hard fans and really treasure collecting autographs and photos with creative artists, mixed in with some first timers and one off fans of particular shows like Star Wars/Star Trek etc. The business model (and although I have no doubt the organisers are all big fans too it IS a business and there's nothing wrong with that) seems misplaced. But with the stature and number of guests now it is attracting a very large and very broad spectrum of attendees; many of who probably have no desire for autographs of the 'third stormtrooper on the left in the second scene'......but it would be a incredible to meet/see stars like Carrie Fisher or John Hurt in person. They are also people who probably don't buy a lot of stuff in advance and bring their children and family along. But in reality what do they have to do when they get to the convention? Too late/too difficult to get VTs for the big stars, exhaust a picture or two with regular stalwarts but icons like Dave Prowse, admire some of the costumes?.....but then what? Nowhere to go, do or stand except get in the way of the stalls or auto/photo lines before leaving 90 mins later having had 'a nice day out'. Because that was me on Sunday. Forget the little tweaks, perhaps it's time to think BIGGER! Get a bigger venue for a start, but put on more shows/screenings/talks, cosplay runways/EVENTS etc. Apart from the standard business of Autos/photos, attract people in who will make money on the door or buy merchandise etc but not necessarily interested in 15 autos and 10 photo shoots, and give them something to do and enjoy AWAY from the more busier 'business' areas - get Carrie up to do a quick Q&A for them on stage and they'll be happy etc. Create some 'rest' spaces here too, as well as food areas. That way you keep the autograph and photo areas CLEARER which allows more opportunity for queue and ticket management; much of which - but not all - should be pre-paid. Less stress all round. You must know roughly how many autos can be signed and photos taken in a time slot so sell them in advance for the bigger guests. Someone said that you offer more VTs than viable as some will not show up, well I bet they will if they paid, and you don't lose income. Keep the not-as-big stars in another area and available for walk ups - much as it was this weekend. Then look at the functional tweaks - restrictions on multiple 'dealer' signings (or organise specialist after hours sessions), eTickets, larger visible signage, tannoy/electronic signage updates hand out guides/floor plans on entry, more info points etc. Many great ideas in posts above. Finally, one clearly cannot please everyone, there needs to be some expectation management for guests, visitors and organisers alike, but that shouldn't mean the vast majority will get what they individually want out of it whether that's a nice profit, a fully signed ROTJ poster and photo with Carrie (and the 3rd stormtrooper on the left...of course ), or a great day out with the family. Just my tuppence.
  11. Dusty Batmobiles....the Bane of my life.
  12. Perhaps there's something in limiting signings on the weekend to X number per person (2, 3, 4?) But having a specific session for dealers on an evening/early morning where they pay more for a 'dealer pass' - the guest could decide if they wish to partake in such sessions or not - after all it is a two-way commercial venture then and it would free up time for fans who rarely get these opportunities.
  13. Actually, given the tight schedules at the weekend and the various issues raised elsewhere I was just wondering what the general state of play was with pre-ordered autographs? Is it looking promising?
  14. Jeremy Bulloch - what a lovely man. Really took time to speak to my 4 year old when he asked him how he (Boba Fett) escaped from the worm (mighty sarlak).
  15. "I bet it will still be rammed inside though, but that can't really be helped" errr........yes it can.
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