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  1. Oh my gosh, for reals? That would be cool as all heckie.
  2. Wow late post is late. Cosplays for the weekend. Saturday Sunday See you guys there!
  3. No longer fugly robes. Hood was JUST too small for the collar, but it's lined, which is something I'd never done before. So I'm rather proud. Just to paint the knife and if I can find more navy ribbon, add on the black tails. Based them off the female Novice robes but with some minor alterations. Wanted to base the colour scheme off a Magpie.
  4. Progress on Assassin Novice. Marias Dagger. If there'd been time and the weather wasn't terrible I'd have used an EVA floor mat, shaped with a dremel. instead it's craft foam. Fugly robes. Prayer circle my bias tape arrived while I'm at work tomorrow.
  5. Yessss. Oh my gosh. I've some friends who want to do a FFX group next year, and tho I've NO knowledge of the series I love the costume designs and really want to do Lulu. It looks like an outfit that'd be really forgiving to my awkward shape. Also forgetting my manners. You look fantastic. Can't wait to see the belty skirt finished.
  6. I've been on the bus from Lenzie to glasgow as Ryuko. In her start outfit and the proper senketsu outfit. Onetime when wandering around Glasgow I was stopped by some people who'd seen me at DeeCon. I'll prolly wear my Yang Xiao Long and Novice Robes on the bus cause I hate carrying too much stuff around.
  7. I'm so glad I'm not the only person in this situ. I'm running out tomorrow to buy fabric for Assassin Robes that I'm hoping to make for CMG.
  8. Then I'll make a point to come over and do my "I'm looking at some fantastic cosplay work" dance. Which is a lot of screeching, gesturing and generally making everyone very embarrassed.
  9. Are you literally me? Yes you are literally me. I cannot wait to see your Moxxi tho. You have NAILED the cell-shaded look of the games. You look fantastic, really hope I get to see you at the event.
  10. Nooo. Scapey is a DJ and a colonial Marine. Not a reverend.
  11. Ahhh a month left?! I don't even know what I'm wearing! DB Yang I think for a friend's wee one is going as Ruby (sisters). If I finish either then maybe Korra or Assassin's robes. If not I don't even. Maybe Velvet or Scarlet Witch. As for cheeky remarks about my outfits. Never had anyone be nasty, but some total perv told me I "Smelled delicious" when I was wearing Scarlet Witch. I'll be sure to inform Impulse how nice their £2 deodorant smells.
  12. Finished my costumes today. Will be there as Scarlet Witch on Fri/Sat and Velvet Scarlatina from RWBY on Sunday.
  13. I know I said I'd be making Pyramid head. But I've literally no way to store it once it's made so I'll prolly wear one of my already existing cosplays. I'll be Yang Xiao Long one day cause a friend says he's dressing his wee girl as Ruby Rose (Yang's little sis) and the chance for adorable pics is too good to miss. Other day could be anything. I've got Yang, Jade Harley (homestuck), Ryuko Matoi, Bucky Barnes, Scarlet Witch and possibly Mami Tomoe or Lady Loki. So plenty to choose from. Also want to make Wanda Maximoff's House of M outfit, if anyone has any experience making full g
  14. Finished my Winter soldier and debuted at London this show. Deffo think I'll be wearing this at Collectormania because I love it so. Will still try to make Pyramid Head but I've half promised a friend I'd make an Xmen cosplay and dunno if I can still afford it. Though PH is cheapest fabric, paints and cardboard so we'll see. It's more the issue of storing it at home that has me stumped. Might have to postpone that one too, and it's bumming me out. Anyways. PIC. Wow huge pic. All credit to Tumblr user agentphilippacoulson for taking the pic. She was awesome enough to tail our grou
  15. I've done it again. Lady Loki has been put on the back burner in favour of Winter Soldier. I have never worked with faux leather before. My seams are a little puckered. There's a bit where the sleeve pulls a big puck in the suit. But I love it. I am so happy with it and I can't wait to wear it.
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