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  1. OK, I have another question... How is the bridge-shot organized? I'll be alone and does that mean, that I'll be alone on the bridge or does that mean, that I'll be there with (how many?) other guys? Do I have the chance to choose the place?
  2. I'm from Frankfurt and might help here. First: Cologne is NOT "much more interesting" than Frankfurt. It's about one hour by train and what you get is the Dom plus a few tourist-pubs in the inner city. Frankfurt is by far the more interesting place. My suggestions are: Altstadt und Eiserner Steg: The Altstadt with the Römerberg, Römer, Dom, Eiserner Steg and the Museumsufer are a nice start. Especially the Römerberg (with the Römer on it) is a good start for it is a accurate reconstruction of a german city-center of the mit 15th century. Have a look at the/inside the Dom. The Carricatura is also there. Walk from there to the Eiserner Steg, a pedestrian-bridge from the 19th century. From there, you'll have a nice view on the Frankfurt-Skyline. On the southern end of the, you are in Sachsenhausen. Look out for the Äbbelwoiviertel, it's a ten minutes trip by foot but only worth walking in the evening. The Äbbelwoiviertel is a small pedestrian-area with about 20 diffrent pubs and...Kneipen. If you are in Sachsenhausen, also walk along the Museumsufer. It is basicaly the southern beach of the river. Walk to the right, when you cross Eiserner Steg and maybe have a look at the museums. Worth visiting? All of them, but I can recommend the Filmmuseum (one of the largest in Germany) and the Städel (one of the most important museums for Art in Germany). At the Städel, use the Holbeinsteg, a new pedestrian bridge and walk towards Willy-Brandt-Platz. If it's a nice, warm evening, you may wanna stay a while in front of the Opera, they broadcast the show via speakers outside. Pass by the famous Euro-Sign (If you live in Europe, you'll know that thing from about any newspaper, reporting about the Euro-Crisis) and walk through the park towards the Alte Oper (Old Opera), not to confuse with the opera. It's a very nice classical opera-building from the 19th century. Yoe are now at the Zeil, the shopping street. Not worth staying for to long, it now looks like all city centers in europe. H&M, Primark, Saturn... booooooooooring. If you are hungry... Go to one of the Apfelweinkneipen. You'll get local specialities like Apfelwein (Applewine, not to confuse with Cider or cidre, it has more alcohol) and more Apfelwein. Be carefull, your stomach will start talking to you after your first glasses... Best places are: Apfelwein Solzer (Berger Straße, which is worth seeing also because it's the "where-the-young-folks-go-out-street" of frankfurt.) Awesome food, you'll find me there, eating a "Krüstchenschnitzel...) Adolf Wagner (Yeah, Adolf...) at Schweizer Straße/Sachsenhausen. Tipical unfriendly german waiters, very good food) Das Gemalte Haus (Close to Adolf Wagner, if you don't find a place there, let this be your plan If you're not into german food... MoschMosch (Goetheplatz, Might be world famous, japanese noodlebar...) Die Kuh die Lacht (Willy-Brandt-Platz, also at the Börseplatz [stock Market]), good burgers... Heroes Burgers (Nordend) Better Burgers... Chairs/Wofgangs (Prüfling in Bornheim, close to Berger Straße), Fancy german food...if you want to spend more money on less on your plate... Bitter und Zart (Braubachstraße, close to the Dom/Römer) Small Cafe, famous for everything that has something to do with chocolade! Stattcafe (Bockenheim, Grempstraße) Nice Cafe, best sunday-cake in town. And close to the Messe as well... You could also visit the football-stadium, Eintracht Frankfurt is playing Werder Bremen on sunday. Tickets are still available. You could also go to the English Theatre. Irish Pub Bornheim is playing live-music every saturday...
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