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    thoughts, complaints and feelings about LFCC 2015

    I had three of my photoshoots moved to different days due to clashes. I think it's more to do with how people approach the sales desk. I politely asked if there was anything that could be done because I would miss shoots due to clashes that were beyond my control. So a big thank you to Alison at the sales desk for making a difficult weekend much easier. But I totally agree about the event being oversold. Saturday was so uncomfortable. I will not be going on a Saturday ever again.
  2. 666_porphyria_666

    Michael carter

    He's in Zone 3. Which is a difficult one because it's on Level 3. We only managed to find one set of stairs that led up to here. If you're anywhere near to the Super Stage, there's a member of crew there with glasses, bald head. Ask him. He knows EVERYTHING.
  3. 666_porphyria_666

    Catherine Tate

    Should be level one. Zone 1. So you'll want to go up the white staircase in the middle of the ground floor. I found it was easier to just keep asking members of staff. Hope you find her.
  4. 666_porphyria_666

    Feeling the nerves?

    Nervous, would be an understatement to how I am feeling right now. I'm going big this year and I have lots to do. My cosplay is a little more demanding than last years. I think STRESSED, is a better word!
  5. 666_porphyria_666

    Just Park scams

    I booked with JustPark last year and had no problems. Booked again this year for the whole weekend. Because it's so cheap, I really do worry about leaving the car!
  6. 666_porphyria_666

    Latest guest announcement - ALEXANDER SIDDIG

    This... ALEXANDER SIDDIG photo shoot now taking place at 3.10 in photo shoot D. Has been added to the talk and photoshoot timetable. Underneath the chart. :)
  7. 666_porphyria_666

    Latest guest announcement - ALEXANDER SIDDIG

    The photoshoot time clashes with my Sigourney Weaver autograph hunting time! I will have to settle with just an autograph. The sacrifices we have to make!
  8. Oh, lord. This is why we always drive there. I couldn't handle the stress of train strikes!
  9. 666_porphyria_666

    LFCC Entrances and Floor Plan

    I think the floor plan is pretty good. I've been able to locate all my guests and photoshoot areas. Whether or not i'll be able to think coherently when I get in the venue, is another thing!
  10. 666_porphyria_666

    LFCC Entrances and Floor Plan

    Big shout out to those of us that will be doing all this rushing about in heels! My feet already hurt...
  11. This. I'm going as Mystique this year and I certainly look nothing like me!
  12. 666_porphyria_666

    We have an amazing EXCLUSIVE for LFCC!

    I think it's fantastic to have some LFCC exclusive products. I was always envious of San Diego Comic Con and other larger events because of their exclusives. It's important that these BTTF figures sell out, because next year we may get something better. You'll hear no negativity from me regarding this subject.
  13. 666_porphyria_666

    Temperature in the venue

    Ah. Anxiety. You're preaching to the choir. I hope we both have a comfortable weekend!
  14. 666_porphyria_666

    Shopping lists..

    I will be looking for a Reverse Flash funko pop. I NEED this.
  15. 666_porphyria_666

    Guest Cancellation - Noah Wyle

    Another one for the naughty list!