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    Email help

    Thankyou Queen Sindel I will send the information over :) Regards Lee
  2. Niceyguy28

    Email help

    Can somebody tell if info@showmastersonline.com is the correct email to send enquiries I have sent an email via two different mail accounts yet I am not getting a reply as of yet, I am getting very concerned and don't want to feel that I am being ignored can someone help?
  3. Hello I am new to the forum and would like some advice i am attending LFCC this year mainly to meet Stan Lee i was wondering what would be the best option i should go for ticket wise for best value and opportunity for queuing I plan to get an autograph and a photo taken however not sure in regards to the talks as i am unaware what you get to be a part of in the passes if anything i would appreciate it for any advice Thankyou