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  1. Yeah! Great guy and really interesting to talk to esp about Full Metal Jacket!!
  2. Any advice on the following areas folks; What time do you need to be there by? (I.e is it going to be rammed?) My entry ticket is for 9:15 Is there a particular route around the event you should take? With the deluxe pass do you just join a queue for photo shoots? Im just conscious that im in a lecture till 2:30 and buzz's shoot is 2:50, do I need to get a ticket for an allocated slot per se?! I dont want to miss out thats all! I must say im very excited!!! Can't wait
  3. MattB

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    Cheers for that BasG
  4. MattB

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    This might sound like a daft question, but does the deluxe weekender get a free auto or is it just a standard weekender?!
  5. Dave, can i just check with you, would the Buz & Gil count as one or two off the deluxe pass? I'm just working out my event route to fit lectures & shoots in & essentially who I want pics with! Cheers
  6. I'm finishing work around 1:15 so would get there for around 2-2:30 i really want his auto but am I likely to get it at that time or would I be too late?! Thanks
  7. Hiya - apologies I don't mean to duplicate posts however, can you tell me if Buz and Gil will be doing solo photo shoots, I bought the deluxe ticket but would like a solo pic with these guys respectively (if possible)! Alternatively can the joint shoot be deducted from the deluxe pass?! Thanks
  8. Hiya, can you tell me if Buz and Gil will be doing solo photo shoots, I bought the deluxe ticket but would like a solo pic with these guys respectively! Thanks
  9. Any news on Buzz's auto fee yet? I need to raid my piggy bank to prepare lol
  10. Got this email from the Radison i thought id share regarding parking; Thank you for your email. The hotel does have car parking facilities onsite so it has never been easier to leave your car with us.It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and fully attended at all times. There is CCTV throughout the car park and should you desire to we can offer Valet Car Parking service.The valet parking service must be pre booked 24 hours in advance.24 Hours Parking Rate : £14.00Please do let us know if this information is sufficient of if we can be of assistance with anything else.Kind Regards,
  11. Just wondered if there's any news on parking at all? Rates etc.....
  12. Thanks folks, I was just trying to work out how much cash I would need to bring in comparison to cards, do the memorabilia stalls take cards by any chance? Has anyone done the lectures before? Just wondered what they may be like!? Thanks for that about pre orders, I thought it was to prevent you missing out lol My other half suggested that if I'm getting all the photos with them then just to get the pics signed without personalisation, I just couldn't decide but for me this is something to hand down to my kids when I eventually have them but to have it personalised is pretty cool!! Yeah the deluxe pass just says that all those appearing that are having photo shoots are included so I guess that's the answer, I just wouldn't want to miss out on the opportunity to have one with buzz and al!
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