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  1. Not fun - you are doing it wrong. But to the OP there is a way to avoid this but it involves a flight to South America, a few ritual sacrifices, some naked dancing and a magic tonic to drink.
  2. was thinking about this, to be honest the only real problem is time restraints. Have a friend who does unofficial ones for a couple of the major festivals, updating schedules and things as they change, maps etc. If i get time ill see if i can grab some code and knock up a rudimentary one to get started, but again its time, might be able to sort it by next years LFCC. Will keep you posted if i actually get anywhere.
  3. To be honest my real motivation for buying a Gold Pass was to ensure i would meet Stan. as it was i could have bought a standard entry for Sunday rocked up on the early signing on Friday and bam done. But as myself and my buddy had them we thought we might as well enjoy them, we were a little disappointed before the event (as i posted a little time after i bought the tickets) that it had had the Stan Lee talk removed from it when it clearly said all talks in the online shop, this was changed a little later, but hey thats one for trading standards I guess. But the nice thing was i could spend the 3 days not worrying about the crowds, i managed to hit the gold pass room whilst i was waiting for my wife to come in on her early bird ticket on sunday, and actually opened a tub of sweets and had a couple. Spread out my autos across the 3 days, every single blue shirt i encountered under stood how they worked, that i could just join the back of any queue for autos, the only exception was one poor guy who thought i could just walk to the front of the q, i corrected him, he looked relieved. My friend had a photoshoot with out any issue. and we rocked up on sunday about 11:30 and walked straight in. all in all glad i did it will be a while before i do it again unless SM some how manage to reanimate Harold Ramis, then im there!
  4. Defo, maybe if its a bit too much of niche market maybe a joint Bones, NCIS, CSI one, like a SCYFInvestgate Con. Would defo be there.
  5. Including gold passes, Stan Lee talk tickets, travel, autos, merch, i would imagine just shy of £1000 lucky for 2 things, spread it out over the year (got to love SM gift vouchers) and second lucky thing my wife does not read these forums.
  6. Agreed, had a convention newbie with me who works on such things and was shocked about the sound setup, he mentioned something like the pa system looked like it was put in because it would be loud, would have got a better sound with a cheaper system that had the correct delays setup between the speakers. that said it was the first time they had the super stage would expect it to be sorted for next time.
  7. Totally Agree Mews was awesome, both had a chat about painting our nails, as we both had painted nails. and a couple of other bits, what a nice guy, am so happy and sort of proud of him for kicking his drug habit and generally sorting himself out. What a dude!
  8. Was chatting with him on friday in Dina Meyers auto q he didnt have his bane gear on but what chatting to him about it, so to add to his fan base he is a very nice guy, very chatty well in to his cosplay esp bane i mean the dude is built for the part. Unfortunately cant remember his name sorry. Oh meant to say a thanks to the girl in the Cat Woman outfit at the Peavey Guitar stand, Thanks for commenting on my nails, although it was a sales pitch still made me smile, and i was in need of a ukulele, so winners all round.
  9. Managed to get a auto on the Friday afternoon session. a bit miffed about not having any option to get the authenticity sticker one one of my bits, had a copy of "Scream Along with the Merry Marvel Marching Society" signed but i guess i will have to send off all my evidence i was there and get it authenticated for later in life. my one gripe is this, on the Friday a very nice SM person was handing Stan the bits to get signed, she couldn't have been more careful with some of the rarer items, she was a pro. but at some point Stans manager mover her out the way and took over, this guy! seriously couldn't have cared less abut the items just wanted to push them through, i had to be a bit short with him as he almost folded the sleeve of my record in half! im lucky i took the record out before giving it to him. Even Stan remarked on how old it was and that he dosnt see them.
  10. Gonna say it again here. If a lot of the people who have had there weekend "ruined" had of spent even an hour before hand looking through this forum they would have seen things likt where to go, that long queues were expected, a load of posts about what to bring including water. Its all about planning and common sense. and before i get the whole im a SM apologist, im really not im a common sense guy, have made a posts here before about the false advertising of the gold passes etc but come the weekend of the event im there to have fun and enjoy myself, when i was in a Q chat with the people around me have a laugh and lift spirits even after a long time in it. you really get out of it what you put in in my experience, if i had of had my usual early bird or standard ticket for this weekend i would have bought a shed load of in queue entertainment and survival pack. even with a gold pass i was still equipped with a book, MTG cards, Zombie Dice, drinks, a hat to keep the sun off, something to use as a fan etc.
  11. if you still haven't had any luck, from experience i have had a lot of success with hairspray, some nice cheap and cheerful stuff from your local shop will do it, would try this route before trying laminating it. However this is just what I have had success with in the past not seeing the paper/ink it would have to be your decision.
  12. Did spot TT but then he is not called Too Tall for being an extra as a hobbit. One person that makes a Showmasters convention for myself and my con buddies, isn't on the forums (not that i know about) is the (we believe) head security guard. A middle aged guy, not the tallest, shaved head (possibly bald but i wouldn't say that to his face) and one look from him puts you in your place, but that said i have overheard a couple of issues he has sorted out and common sense and reasonable win out. So that's out main SM person we like to see each time, then run away as he is one scary dude .
  13. I saw 2 kids approach him, behind the table, whilst I was talking to him. They were asking for money and Michael pulled out a large wad of £10 notes and gave them about £50 each to go spend. I didn't say anything and just assumed they were his children. Awesome, how awesome for the kids, when i went to work with my parents all i got was a paper cut.
  14. Semi mixed feeling from my meeting Michael think i would not have even got a hello out of him if i hadn't noticed a child in an aperture science outfit and a portal gun behind the table speaking to him (think it was a can i have some more money) turns out it was his son so had a quick chat about that. Defo parenting done right there. but he did seam a little out of it.
  15. Hi, Yes myself and my party had a fantastic weekend, mostly due to one thing planning. For a couple of us it was not our first time, we had one newbie and one occasional con goer with us. Things we knew before hand we were going to spend a large portion of the weekend in one queue or another, there were going to be lots of people, it was going to be hot and smelly, and the food in the venue would be over priced. So we planned around this and as such had a good time. Gotta say well done to SM for getting the extra signing with Stan on the Friday, im sure a lot of people would have missed out if it wasn't for this. The lack of air con on sat was a bit of a pain but then, as planned ahead had plenty of water and a handy can of lynx no problems. The location for this con is spot on and shouldn't be changed, this is just because there is a tesco down the road (cheap food) and a quick stop on the underground is Hummingbird bakery which we managed to do one day during a quick stop for lunch. That's right we left the hall and then went back in with out any issues. Every guest we met was relaxed and having fun, only one down side is not meeting Ben Aarnovitch as we rocked up a bit later on Sunday (yeah i had a lie in) and he had scampered. Gaming zone was cool, from my time over there didn't look like anyone was hogging the machines and we all managed to have a play on our favourites. Over all good time, met some nice people, bought some cool stuff, won a couple of the auctions. Only down side is going to be my credit card bill at the end of the month! (however not as much as the person in front of me when i was paying for my auction stuff they had a £1700 bill for the auction)
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