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  1. There is no way this is going to go ahead, we're not even CLOSE to having mass gathering at big events. How exactly would meeting the guests work? Stay 2 metres away from them while they wear a face mask, hardly a great experience of meeting someone is it?
  2. Even just taller stands for the signs so they can be seen from a distance... and perhaps big bold red lettering instead of scrawling a small faint number.
  3. Timothy Dalton Charlie Cox Linda Hamilton Jon Bernthal Gwendoline Christie Garth Ennis Michael C Hall
  4. The Dark Knight is 10 yrs old!! Omg where did the last decade go!
  5. Is anyone having problems signing up for the cosplay masquerade? The link on the LFCC site goes to Cardiff's registration which has now closed.
  6. I've got a great memory of meeting him. It was in January last year, on my birthday, I had just been to see The Force Awakens at the Science Museum in London (70mm projection showing), and on the way home I was waiting for a train on the Piccadilly Line and saw him sitting on a bench reading a paper! I said "Your are Ian McDiarmid aren't you?" and he replied with a smile "Yes" and I told him what a massive fan of his I was. Made my birthday!!
  7. I'll be the Dark Knight again, please say hello, and.... SWEAR TO ME!!
  8. Timothy Dalton Linda Hamilton Scott Bakula Cara Delevingne Natalie Portman
  9. Awww wont work for me at moment. There was some fab cosplay this weekend. Should work now, I changed the privacy setting
  10. https://www.facebook.com/jedimindtrick/media_set?set=a.10153693609862478.1073741876.618542477&type=3&pnref=story My Batman cosplay pictures. Shout out to the excellent Snake Eyes plus the group of Suicide Squad players Harley, Croc and Mr J
  11. She should've just cancelled in my opinion. I'm sure people would be more understanding of a guest cancelling due to a broken rib instead of her turning up anyway just to get the money and giving the paying fans such an awful experience that will taint her perception and reputation. Poor show.
  12. Hi all, what's the score with all these incidents people are sharing about their experience with meeting her? Is she really that bad? So glad I saved my money by giving her a miss if it's true!
  13. OOOO, will have a look for them cheers!, Do you know how much and what stall :-) I don't know how much, but considering they probably just scanned an original and printed by the dozen, easy money for them whatever. It was downstairs from the signing area, I'd say go back down those stairs and keep walking about 2/3 of the hall as I think the isle was pretty much parallel with the stairs, but I'm not 100% sure, There may have been suicide squad banners above. I saw a framed one first, then a huge loose pile on the table. If only the stalls had numbers, like trade shows and official events, be so much easier to tell you! They were selling the Rogue One posters for £5. I was lucky to be at the 'other event' to get an original poster handed out by Kathleen Kennedy, and in comparison the £5 ones on sale were smaller and poor quality, very grainy and washed out colours.
  14. Frame them and put them on the wall, they look so cool and nice to look at that way. I don't see the point in storing them in some folder that probably doesn't get looked at properly, they just become a 'collection' in that regard. Each to their own though.
  15. Great!! Definitely deserved one of those 'announcement coming soon' though
  16. If your photo is obviously from a film/TV etc, be prepared to be denied unless you can prove you have copyright. My mother works in an Asda photoshop and if she gets caught printing copyrighted photos she can be fined thousands of pounds, go to court and lose her job. If you "get someone who moans and asks", it's because they would rather be working than on benefits and are therefore ensuring they work within the law. I've used Asda for a couple of years and printed film posters/film stills/celebrities etc no problem. Must just be your branch. What if you're standing next to a film poster, or even next to a celebrity, they won't even print that? That's harsh man!
  17. He doesn't even sign at premieres so the liklehood of him attending a UK convention is absolutely 0%!
  18. C'mon Showmasters, you've announced a Star Wars theme so don't let us down! The usuals... Dave Prowse Kenny Baker Jeremy Bulloch Plus how about... Peter Mayhew Anthony Daniels Frank Oz Billy Dee Williams And of course... Gwendoline Christie John Boyega Daisy Ridley Domnhaal Gleeson :)
  19. Just what is the significance of the conjectual 'observation' that there is apparently a link between users and number of posts?? Showmaster's original announcement stated "There will be first time signers and many things to do and see and opportunities to celebrate our love for this wonderful film." Okay so we had first time signers, but what about the rest of it? Many things to do? Many things to see? Many opportunities to celebrate our love for this wonderful film? At this rate, what is stopping Showmasters from announcing a MAJOR Goonies celebration next year for example, with many signers, things to do and see, and opportunities to celebrate. And then ONLY having some minor actors attending (the sheriff, Troy's friend #1, Data's father) with nothing else Goonies-related whatsoever. Unprofessional and very misleading.
  20. Although on eBay the other day I saw a photo signed by Eddie Izzard with a guy's name on it - they were asking £50 for it too! There's a big difference between what people are ASKING for on ebay and watch they're actually seling for. I'd be surprised if there were any bids/offers for Eddie Izzard's at £50!
  21. I'll bear that in mind next time I announce to my friends that I'm mates with Kiera Knightley so come to my house to meet her - then just have a cardboard cutout of her standing in my living room. "Things don't turn out that way" is ridiculous reasoning. Imagine getting on a plane to Italy only to find it's landed in Russia instead because "things don't turn out that way"!!! False advertising to encourage spending, shame on you Showmasters.
  22. I don't understand how people can support 'no personalisations ' yet gripe about dealers. Dealers DO NOT want personalisations so surely by having a 'personalisations only' rule would make more sense to block out the dealers who are just looking to re-sell? I met Christian Bale this year and he always insists on personalisations for this very reason (not that I was complaining!)
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