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  1. I'm really missing it! I've already booked a hotel for next year and keep bugging my partner about it I'm looking forward to the new forum, announcements and such. Also, we should have more money next year seen as though LFCC this year was practically a last minute decision. It's all so exciting!!
  2. This is what I was thinking of doing...well I've been thinking of doing it for about a year now!
  3. I'm afraid I'll look really crap as well! I'm not gifted in any way, so it'll probably be a really basic cosplay haha
  4. I'm thinking the same! I've wanted to do it for ages now but I haven't had the courage, but I'm determined to try it at least once.
  5. I second this! I can't wait to start planning for 2017
  6. She was lovely! When I saw her she was saying she wasn't expecting to be so busy and she thought people were mistakenly queuing for her rather than the 'real celebrities'. If I'm lucky enough to attend another Con at the same time as her again I'm definitely getting a photoshoot!
  7. I have to say that I thought this weekend was brilliant, my partner and I's first con was LFCC Winter 2013 which was also at the Olympia. We've been to various others since but the last Summer we went to (2014) at Earl's Court really put my partner off going to another London Comic Con. So, I was determined to come this year and my partner came round to the idea because it was at the Olympia. I am so glad we did! There was so much space around the stalls it felt like a breeze, it was just so easy walking around. I really hope Showmasters keep it this way for the next one! There was quite a bit of congestion in the autograph area, especially where the GOT guests were but I just waited until 30 mins until closing time on the Saturday and managed to get everyone I wanted. So that wasn't a big deal really. Also I have to give a massive shout out to a lovely lady crew member, my partner has a fear of heights, he went up the stairs to the autograph area but couldn't go back down. She was really helpful and walked us over to the stair well so it made everything so much easier for us. Our weekend was pretty simple really, we didn't have any photoshoots, talks or anything like that so I suppose there wasn't much to go wrong. But, it has restored my partner's faith in London Comic Con and we will definitely be trying to go to next years :)
  8. Well, when I posted a photo of my autograph from him on my Facebook, two people commented saying he's got a bad reputation. Meeting him didn't ruin anything for me though, everyone else I met was awesome!
  9. Well I got his autograph and he was an absolute pleasure to meet! He was just genuinely lovely, I'm so glad this thread convinced me to meet him :)
  10. You are not alone. I originally wasn't going to get his autograph but when I saw him I changed my mind. I asked how he was and such but got no reply. Just a quick signature and that's it. I understand people have off days, but some kind of acknowledgment would've been nice.
  11. I wasn't planning on getting his autograph, but this thread has swayed me!
  12. My partner met him on Saturday, he said Michael was great to talk to and they chatted for a while about Tombstone (it's one of my partner's favourite films!). Michael had told him that the crew kept telling him off because he was taking so long with people haha :)
  13. Cool announcement! Shame he's only going the Sunday but hopefully this is a sign that there'll be more announcements :)
  14. Yes it is! I only managed to meet him because he was doing an acoustic set In Lincoln and there was a competition to sit in...which I didn't win! But, I went along anyway and hung around until he showed up, he signed my National Treasures vinyl and we had a quick chat. He really is a lovely guy! Manics fan and proud
  15. Aww no Ah well, hope he's ok and hopefully I'll get to him at another!
  16. This will be my fourth Comic Con, so seeing as though I'm still an autograph noob I still have a few people I want to meet...but it's still disappointing seeing loads of announcements for everywhere else other than Sheffield.
  17. Well, I'm gutted but I can totally understand and I hope he feels better soon! Hopefully, they'll manage to pull some more guests to make up for this...*fingers crossed*
  18. Yes! I can't wait, bring on the guests!
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