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  1. You're not sorry to rub it in though are you? Not in the least tbh
  2. I'm not back at work till Thursday (sorry to rub it in) but maybe whenever someone asks a question answer it as if you were Giles.
  3. Can you ask them to pick me up a case of Mudders milk while they're there?
  4. I bumped into my con buddy Arnold (not his real name) aka Hulk from last year at the shop. We're getting the train down and it could get messy lol *5 hrs of whedon/Vampire Bat/you forgot your flash drive/general silliness. Oh yes we aim to misbehave.
  5. I think I would keep some special pants for that line up!
  6. I'm holding at a 12" stonehenge (if you haven't seen the film that's from you're missing out). I've got my drink bought and started packing. By Friday I should be at Hero if Canton levels.
  7. Currently sitting at You can't take the sky from me (7).
  8. Howdy Rob, I'm Dave and I'll he at the bar by 5 on Friday (trains allowing). My excitement level is currently shiny nut will rise to leaf on the wind
  9. Aye it was Jane and Todd doing band candy. Was really interesting.
  10. The only thing worse than the dreaded papercut is a cardboard cut. It's like being bitten by a shark. Maybe.
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