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  1. it might be worth someone looking into having a cosplay repair stall ..... we always need something to fix issues ..... needles , tape , glue .. pins ...etc ...
  2. that's what i thought .. but i just wanted to point it out ..
  3. me and my boyfriend had a wonderful time at brighton comic con , but here is a few bits of feedback .. signage : there was no signs to show where the comic con was , the hotel was stopping people going in the hotel and their little sign was really wrong . i know a bin man sat on the other side of the road found it funny with people going to all the wrong doors. also some of the signs within the comic con could have been clearer. water : i don't know if it was the hotel or showmasters but there was very few refreshment stalls on the levels , i even spoke to someone to say this . most of us cosplayers were getting very hot ( as it turned out the hotel put the heating on for a bit ) food : again don't know if this was the hotel or showmasters .. but the food prices were a joke .. £6 for a burger £2 for a bottle of water .. we decided to go along the seafront to get something , freshly cooked and cheaper .. chairs: all i will say is thank god for the cosplay zone .. cloakroom : unless there was a special rate for cosplayers £2 an item seems a bit unfair. on the positive nicely laid out not too cramped , the dealer stalls had lots of room as to not cause a blockage. cosplay zone was very helpful is storing the life size K.9 that we had brought along , ensuring he stayed safe , freeing us up to walk round . keep up the good work , look forward to the next one .
  4. well my boyfriend and i have just lost about £50 due to hotels being unable to refund. i feel sorry for the rest of you guys who have spent more on travel and hotels... please show masters make it worth it .....
  5. i didn't know that ... but as the online shop for the london one closes soon .. maybe sheffield will appear ..... i hope anyway ...
  6. i tweeted showmasters 'for any idea' for when the tickets go on sale ..... answer back was .. nope .....
  7. so just waiting for the all clear from health and safety people ... etc ....... cool ... can't wait to get my hand on tickets
  8. i'm still hoping some pics of me and my boyfriend turn up at some point .. i was doc 10 and he was doc 4 ... on the saturday .. maybe i will spot some at some point .
  9. you and that throne go together SOOOOOOOOO well ....
  10. Hopefully I will have a little red card from the Postie when I get home later as well, ordered the photo tickets pretty much as soon as Billie was announced so will be interesting to see what numbers we have. are there numbers on the tickets ? where .. i have a photo shoot for sarah sutton ... it has a number 5 near the top right .. is that it ?
  11. thanks .. i was getting a bit worried ... me and my boyfriend will be very tight on time and so are hoping sarah sutton is doing her's early .
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