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  1. Vicky sadistic


    I agree I loved this weekend. The guests were amazing and my highlights were the drinks reception and the movie commentary `im a frog` for next one maybe a costume contest
  2. Vicky sadistic

    Are you kidding me? "Ticket"

    I cant wait so excited
  3. Pff I live at top of scotland I laugh at you london request :)
  4. Vicky sadistic

    Erin Cahill Unfortunately unable to attend MMPC

    Glad shes working but I agree ive paid alot of money for this either another guest or perhaps as a suggestion offer the golds the group photoshoot
  5. Vicky sadistic

    Power rangers

    I see the power rangers are attending lfcc any chance of some for this?
  6. Vicky sadistic

    Costume gun on plane

    Easy jet
  7. Vicky sadistic

    Costume gun on plane

    Im attending as Juno eclipse and my friend is giving my gun at the event but I am flying home to Inverness on the Sunday how do I get it back up on plane? Is it hold luggage do I need to tell the airline?