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  1. Great Guy - met him last time he was in Glasgow and going again to meet him - Again!
  2. Hogfather65

    Latest Guest Announcement - KATY MANNING

    So looking forward to meeting Katy - Now where did I put that Dalek???
  3. Hogfather65

    Guest Suggestions

    Some good Sci Fi stars. Tom Baker Louise Jameson Amanda Tapping David McCallum Bruce Campbell Tim Allen Alan Tudyk Richard Coyle William Shatner Kate Mulgrew LeVar Burton George Takei Paul McGann Craig Charles Danny John-Jules Anyone from Firefly/Serenity or from The Orville - now that would be cool
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    Latest Guest Announcement - SYLVESTER McCOY

    Have you seen him in Rab C. Nesbit or Still Game ? - he is great in both of those.
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    Latest Guest Announcement - SYLVESTER McCOY

    Hi - It says on the Collectormania website that Sylvester McCoy will only be attending on Sunday - but here it says Sat & Sunday - I have already bought a ticket for Sat and for his autograph as I thought he was there both days. Can I upgrade my ticket to both days or do I have to purchase another (it would cost me £20 for the 2 day rather than £24 for 2 singles)
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    Artist Area

    In the Artist area, who was the guy that was doing the Judge Dredd & Batman prints on boards - does he have a website?