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  1. The five types are Bridges, Tercentenary, Famous Scots, World Heritage and RBS. The first two pairs are made by BOS and Clydesdale respectively, but they look totally different to each other so would complicate the issue for people not familiar with them. As for the forgery tests, older Scottish notes that are still in circulation (Bridges definitely, possible Famous Scots) would not necessarily pass current forgery tests, as I believe they are missing the metal thread and the UV fluorescent ink. This means that the go/no go type tester that you hold the note under and it test for the magn
  2. The Scots have 5 current series of bank notes whereas England just has the one. For an Englishman living in the South of England it is pretty unlikely that they will have ever seen a Scottish note, let alone be familiar with all of the different variations that there are so I don't think it is surprising or unacceptable that they would be questioned at a London venue. From a practical standpoint in terms of an event, staff will not have handled Scottish bank notes with enough regularity to be able to spot an obvious forgery (forgery testing machines would be impractical at an event like th
  3. I can't remember what day this was, but did anybody see that big argument with a photographer next to his table? Not sure what was actually going on but there was a photographer ranting and raving at a couple of people right next to him, and Michael had stopped halfway through signing an auto and was just staring at this guy looking really pissed off, and immediately after he still looked annoyed about it. I'm not sure if it was that the photographer was told he couldn't take photos and was pissed off about that, or whether it was that someone simply walked across his shot pretty easy to do by
  4. I can understand that some people may be annoyed by this on an initial emotional level as they had to pay for it and somebody else has gotten it for free, but in reality what do you expect them to do? They obviously had a surplus of programs, so would you rather they just threw them in a skip? It costs SM time/effort/money to dispose of them, if they just hand them out for free then they are getting rid of them in such a way that at least some people are benefiting from it. There are things that I am annoyed about in the program (mainly the raffle but could also have done with some more re
  5. There was also the couple that got engaged during the Cosplay Masquerade on the Saturday. I have forgotten, but can anybody else remember who they were dressed as? I was at the Kevin Smith Hollywood Babble-On show in London where somebody got engaged as well, which made this the 2nd event in as many weeks that I have gone to where this has happened.
  6. I hadn't heard this part before but if that is true (not implying that you are wrong, but what you were told may have been wrong), then that is particularly galling, as immediately after the prize draw was the Stan Lee talk which I (along with a pretty sizeable proportion of the rest of the attendees as well I would guess) attended, and then immediately after this finished i headed back to EC2 to find that the numbers were not there any more. Not sure exactly what time this was, but according to my phone I got a final autograph (Stephanie Leonidas, very lovely) at 17:11, and this would have be
  7. Well, a previous one that I posted this same information on got locked so it seems likely. The main defence that people are having for this raffle is that it was a free prize draw that came with the programme. The problem is though, this was not legally the case as this would only be true if there was no price difference between a programme with or without the raffle ticket, and if it was possible to enter without actually buying a programme (if you have ever read the terms and conditions of a free prize give away you will quite often see them say something like "no purchase necessary" and thi
  8. I think it is true that this is one of the reasons that you tend to get more colds with events like this. There are over 200 different cold viruses, and the way it works is that once you have caught one you develop an immunity to it. If you travel to different areas you are more likely to come in contact with a virus you do not have an immunity to, and hence will suffer symptoms from it. With cons like this not only do you have a lot of people in a confined space increaseing normal transmission rates, but you also have people coming from different areas (even different countries) bringing
  9. There are still a couple of things that I think could do with some additional information. Firstly, as others have said, what happened with the raffle? Was it meant to work this way? If not, what went wrong? Were all of the "1000s" of prizes handed out? Will the winning numbers ever be published to claim prizes or is it totally over? Was it actually legal (I do not expect you to post an answer to this if not which I believe is the case, but I really think it is something that needs to be looked into if you intend on doing this again). Secondly, there may have already been discussion ab
  10. I am a non smoker and have never even touched an e-cig, and I didn't have a problem with people smoking them there. I think this was the first time I had even been near them, and I didn't notice any particular unpleasant smell over and above the general mass of people smell. E-cigs don't give off any of the toxic chemicals that are produced by burning a real cigarette, the only thing they release in common is nicotine which is in far lower concentrations than from a real cigarette, and the nicotine is not the most dangerous par about second hand smoke anyway. I think the more unknown factor w
  11. I have a theory as to why you may have observed so many men who weren't washing their hands. The way the toilets are layed out in EC2 is that in one half there is all the urinals, and in the other is the stalls and the sinks. Quite often you would have people queueing for the stalls which meant it was sometimes hard to get to the sinks so I imagine some people decided they just couldn't be bothered with the hastle. I remember the first time I went in there when I arrived on the Saturday morning, after squezing my way in and using the urinal, it took me a minute to actually find the sinks, and
  12. Got her autograph on the Sunday, she was very friendly with a big smile on her face. I was surprised to be able to get it though, as I saw the time and realised the GOT panel which she was supposed to be at had just started but went up to the queue anyway to see what number they were up to and whether there was a "will be back at ..." message, but then when I got there she was still there signing. When I looked at my ticket though I was 575 and the sign was 550, but as I was checking the guy there asked what number I was and when I said he told me to just join the queue anyway, as there were o
  13. I don't think you can reasonably expect Showmasters to do this. As the counter argument, if it was going to be so hot then people should have bought their own water and sun cream. It would have been a massive expense and logistical problem to have people carting thousands of bottles of water and sun tan lotion up and down that queue, and also a big drain on their already stretched personnel numbers. It is like when it is hot on the London underground they do not go around handing out free water, they tell you to bring your own water.
  14. I had an issue with this too, I went into EC2 first and got stamped on exit, but it wan;t very good and had rubbed off by thre time I wanted to leave EC1. I tried to leave by the stairs first only to find that there was nobody at this exit, so I had to go back up to the main floor, and then back down in the lift (I could see no other way of getting back to the lobby as the escalator only went up) only to find that they guy on the exit door didn't have a stamp so I had to go to the entrance door and get restamped there. It seemed that they were only stamping people on the way in to EC1, but the
  15. I was dreading what the Stan Lee talk was going to be like in terms of sond, and when the compare started talking I thought my fears were reaslised. However, when Stan was actually talking I could hear every word he was saying, obviously the way he was holding the mike or the qualities of his voice just worked out better in that enviroment. It may have also been the fact that I was prety much smack bang in the middle, as before when I was in the super stage I was at the edges near speakers, which was almost deafening at times.
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