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  1. Will Diamond Passes be refunded too or will they be accepted Saturday and/or Sunday?
  2. Yep was told they were miss advertised and no longer part of the gold pass....
  3. Tom Lenk (Andrew from Buffy), I asked him on Instagram and he said he would love too if Showmasters reach out to him!!
  4. Hey Showmasters, With all this ask a question stuff on instagram, I asked Tom Lenk from Buffy if he would ever come to the UK for London Film and Comic Con. He said he would def be interested if you reached out. I think he would be a great guest for next year? Just a thought
  5. Wow that's a lot of awesome pics!!! Thanks man! Very kind of you to say! Your welcome , had a nose at your others, can't believe you've met Stephen Amell! Very jealous
  6. Here are mine from the three days :) Photobucket finally worked - There's more on my Instagram and facebook if you want to have a look: www.facebook.com/ritchyb https://www.instagram.com/ritchyb1983/
  7. http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q486/Ritchie_Bruce/DSC_1457_zpsrfogbd6p.jpg
  8. Photobucket seems to be playing up and wont let me add my pics :'( but ive uploaded them all on Instagram :) https://www.instagram.com/ritchyb1983/
  9. Jack was doing them (I got one) Dominic I didn't ask so not sure I'm afraid.
  10. Me with Kae Alexander such a lovely girl!
  11. I was just about to ask the same question.
  12. No worries, have a great first LFCC
  13. That should be alright, but be mindful they may decline and you might have to pic from the images at the desk (which have always been very good)
  14. I was just about to put what knitty Fred said too lol should be OK if it's just a photo like a respectable film tv still or a photo of you and the guest
  15. They usually have 5 or 6 to choose from at the guests desk which is included in the autograph price, however you can bring in your own items to sign
  16. Any time I've gone To the summer event I've always gone gold (which helps with non diamond guests for autographs and photos speeds up queue time and no vq ticket needed) I have always managed to do everything that I've purchased a diamond pass for with the aid of a gold pass (unless something changed by the celeb. I didn't get a diamond for Christopher lloyd but got a vq ticket (gold benefits dont work on a diamond guest) and I never got to meet him because his queues were always so long I think my vq ticket was 275....and so to guarantee meeting someone diamond and gold helps to speed up your day, I'd say though 90% of the time you should be fine if you get to the diamond guests first to get vq tickets (if you don't have a diamond pass for them) and hope for a low number
  17. Melissa Benefit? (supergirl) heat vision =hot super breath can blow things out....cold? Bit a stretch lol and she is the lead of her show? Relatively new so many not have done a con before?
  18. To be fair, it does actually state all of the information we gave on the first page of this very thread. (Bold letters, above the pretty coloured in schedule bits) Oh god yep your right, looks like I need to go to the opticians!! Completely missed the in your face bold text.
  19. Hi, I have a diamond pass for jeremy, can I use this to attempt to get his auto and photo on the Friday rather than the Saturday? Many thanks
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