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  1. this makes me happier than any other announcement in the past week legendary Showmasters Now... any chance of adding Yvonne Craig or Lynda Carter to the list, as that triumverate of Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl, would make my classic / retro heart burst with love
  2. i'll just jump in here from a photographers perspective... the problem with setting up backgrounds is that no solid colour is going to work for everyone, especially with costumes and wigs. White backgrounds (my personal preferance to use) are clean and crisp, but if the cosplayer has white hair, costume, or lots of highlights on the costume, then it's utterly useless. The same can be said for black, put a dark costume or someone with raven hair against a black background, and you loose all definition entirely. The neon green backgroups are what is known as chromakey backdrops, ideally used for video composites to remove the green for filming and replace it entirely, not the best solution for photography, but i've seen some people use it with mixed results. generally the problem is that one backdrop isn't going to satisfy every need at a convention, especially a single colour one... the neutral 'tie dye' style backdrops that a lot of places use are the best bet for covering a mixture of styles, but even then they can lead to an 80's style / feel to the photo sadly.
  3. Got my costume sorted... Sunday will be 60's Batman, but Saturday I'll be sporting my newest piece of joy...
  4. Shame you're not doing Red anymore... I'll be there as White Ranger, and gf will be in her Pink Ranger set M
  5. coming up to the 50th anniversary of the Batman tv series... and the 66' Batman DVD's are released this summer... How about guests like Adam West or Yvonne Craig, both of who have never been invited to a UK con before? Would be awesome to see them with a 60's Batmobile for a photo op
  6. keep Lee Meriwether from Cardiff Con and get her to LFCC... Seriously... announcing an epic guest like that 4 weeks before the con, when the rest of the guest lineup hadn't interested me at all... now it's too late for hotels and travel... that's just cruel
  7. absolutely horrendously gutted that this is announced... so far the guests hadn't interested me, so i hadn't bothered sorting out time off work or hotels... but then this is announced 4 weeks before the con... all the hotels are booked up, and i've got no chance of getting the time off... absolutely gutted
  8. Worth noting that this year, specifically this saturday (25th Jan) is the 20th anniversary of Babylon 5... Now i know Babylon 5 isn't Star Trek, Doctor Who or any of the big sci-fi names out there... but the series written by J. Michael Straczynski was a real turning point in sci-fi, showing that an entertainment series could have a message, an ideal, and writing that would be as poigniant and striking today as it was 20 years ago. While sadly quite a few Babylon 5 actors have passed away now, I think this year would be an ideal and oppertune moment to actually get some of the original actors together for a con and celebrate 20 years of Babylon 5 with the fans properly Claudia Christian - (Commander Ivanova) Bruce Boxleitner - (Captain Sheriden) Mira Furlan - (Satai Delenn) Jerry Doyle - (Chief Garibaldi) Patricia Tallman - (Lyta Alexander) Tracy Scoggins - (Captain Lockley) Walter Koenig - (Alfred Bester) Jason Carter - (Marcus Cole) Would be nice to see some Babylon 5 love at a con, especially for this anniversary :) M
  9. some more classic stars like lynda carter, adam west, or helen slater, would be absolutely amazing Since you had ludo here this time, maybe get David Bowie or Jennifer Connely, and have shoots with them lol
  10. my plans are already in place lol me and gf will be there as 60's style Batman and Batgirl... Adam West and Yvonne Craig style lol Be with Iconic Legion as always
  11. definitely thank you the Ludo shoot made my entire year... loved it
  12. It's only forever... not long at all... omg, had so much fun as Jareth for the weekend, loved it
  13. all mine up here now... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.411625945604153.1073741846.336509086449173&type=1 I was the Goblin King from Labyrinth wandering around lol
  14. yes, i can say for a fact that the Sneaky Zebra boys will be there... they're friends on fb of mine, and think they're planning a lot of fun for lfcc :) but on topic, i'll be there as Jareth again
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