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  1. Thank you Ravogd!! Just was worried by her lack of ID causing an issue, thank you!
  2. Good evening all, I was just wondering if there’s anyone who could help me out. I’ve got a captain package for a friend and I and upon reading the instructions on how we pick up our stuff is states- “take ticket to desk with ID” The tickets are in our names, I wrote them out when I purchased them but my friend has no ID eg drivers licence,passport, photo ID. Will this cause a problem do you think? cheers for your time Dave
  3. Was the excel even a consideration, seems to be perfect for such an event, being as winter is usually smaller than summer
  4. This is his picture: http://www.dk-images.com/p1024064853/h4f711a7c#h4f711a7c Also the gallery if I missed any other cosplayers
  5. Hi all, hope everyone has recovered from an 'interesting con'. I wonder if anyone could help, I photographed a tall fella who was in the painted silver Colussus from xmen, alone then with my friend. Being the buffoon I am I forgot to give you my card hoping you'd get in touch as my friend was a bit taken back (in a good way 😄). I said I'll try to find him for her, so if anyone could help that'd make my friends year. Thank you all
  6. Does anyone know when Colin's tickets will be on sale? I've checked the store and the only ones on there are for May
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