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  1. This comment is not aimed at Stan Lee but the organisers: you know the age and health concerns of someone who is 91 years old and you ignored them to make money. you knew he would a large draw for numerous people, so why didnt you take the option of making of making the friday an all day event. i tried to get Stan Lee's auto on sunday and arrived at queue at about 8:15 and there was already several hundred people in the que, at that point i realised along with my partner that there was really no way of being successful in obtaining his signature. i feel that this event has probably
  2. hi all, i was just wondering if paying for auto/photo's using cash, in particular Scottish notes, would be a problem?
  3. im surprised there wasnt an option to get a "star wars" group shot
  4. since Peter Mayhew has dropped out from the show, what are the chances of getting a Lando and Leia shoot?
  5. Oversight. Can happen with 100 plus guests. NP, can you give me a price quote for both of their autographs please
  6. i see you have Ian Beattie and Kate Dickie from game of thrones on your picture gallery on your home page but his prices are not listed on the guest list... is this an over-site or has he cancelled?
  7. i've sent an email to the address that the confirmation email came from; i hope this is the right address info@collectormania.com
  8. does the gold ticket allow us to enter all the paid talks for free during the day time talks or does this only apply to free entry for the daytime game of thrones talk? sorry for being pedantic, just trying to clear this all up in my own head.
  9. i take it this doesn't matter if you're a gold ticket or a regular, you still have to pay extra? i would just like to get this cleared up before i pack up for my trip down to london.
  10. hi all, just wondering, if i am reading this right... are there two different game of throne talks; one paid and one free?
  11. who did you speak to that confirmed that the tickets would be waiting for you at the venue sales desk?
  12. Oh, you're too late sorry, it closed about 17 hours ago sorry bud aw nuts, i work nights so i've totally missed out on the photo op and by the time i get down there to london on friday i will probably miss out on the autograph as well....total bummer, i bought gold tickets this year to avoid this as well :-( hope they re-open the shop for this, coz Carrie is without doubt the most important guess there now IMHO
  13. OMFG she's the best ever.... can someone link me the purchase page for her tickets please... cant seem to find them in the online shop!
  14. possibly the greatest ever guest you have book, a total must have IMHO !
  15. my partner and i will be travelling down from the People's Republic of Scotland by train
  16. i realise its probably a bit late in the day but what are the chances of getting some of the blakes 7 cast appearing at the show...and yes i really am that old as i remember watching the show as a kid :-)
  17. Would make sense. But I would more hope for a double shoot with Sean and Summer, +1 on the sean and summer shoot
  18. could you not test a sharpie pen out on the back of the poster?
  19. has the arena layout been finalised yet and if so is there a map available to download/print off?
  20. hi all, just wondering if there was any chance that they might issue more silver tickets as my girl friend and i are planning a trip to the show?
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