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  1. it could have been hillsborough if the fire alarm had gone off, especially in those little autograph bunkers that jenna coleman and john hurt were doing signings.... i would've hated to see how people would of got out of those enclosed spaces in a hurry, especially as there was no signs in there to show the evacuation route to the nearest emergency exit
  2. i concur with everything you have said, you weren't in the minority as i and numerous others had similar experiences. as you have said deleting threads will cause the comments to go underground and spread like wildfire, i saw this on saturday when my partner and i met up with fellow con goers at the hotel and they told us to check out facebook and twitter instead.... i read through 21 pages on facebook alone giving negative feedback i think that if they had issued an open apology on here, it would have done much to smooth things over but instead they blatantly refuse, which only adds m
  3. i dont think R2-D2 and 3-PO are the only ones to have disagreements. i found it a bit strange that the BSG characters were seated next to each other and so were alot of the GoT actors but the Star Wars people were spread all over, i would have thought they would have put Ian and David together along with Jeremy to make an empire section and kenny, leia and lando to make a rebel section. then again there wasn't an option for a leia and lando shoot which would have been cool... so maybe there is some bad feelings between them...who knows
  4. yep i have to agree, its one of the few things they got right, even down to re-shoots if it was required, it was done and dusted in a few seconds
  5. My gold pass experience very similar and it became more of a mission to accomplish anything rather than an enjoyable weekend that we had been looking forward to. With the amount of money being spent by my partner and I we could have had a two week holiday in Spain instead of this god awful weekend of stress and greif.
  6. im assuming you are a member of staff or part of the showmasters crew to make that statement...because it was a red shirt woman with short blonde hair and glasses that told me that issacs photoshoot was cancelled due to anthony heads over running...then again it doesnt surprise me that the information that she gave me was wrong i had that all day from every staff member i talked too
  7. we seemed to have two different conversations, i was talking to him about terminator and he was replying to me with comments about aliens which was a little odd but other than that he seemed pleasant enough
  8. so she did leave early again on sunday as well...does anyone actually know what times she was supposed to be there... she was supposed to do a morning photoshoot on both days and failed to make those as well. michael behein was also late arriving on saturday and we were told they were stuck in traffic...i guess this was more miss-information yet again by showmasters. as for the photoshoot on sunday afternoon it went well but i would have preferred it withouth carrie's furbaby.
  9. I see my original comment to this post has been removed already the only thing showmasters were interested in was money, that's why they kept selling tickets at 3pm even thought they knew the venue had reached capacity at 12:00 customer service was non-existent and all that is happening now is that showmasters don't like seeing their mistakes and dirty laundry out in the open so they are running a damage limitations exercise. they are more interested in their image than their customers hence the draconian deleting of posts. its ironic really since most of their incompetence has been pu
  10. Me too, i've never seen anything like it. Of all the problems on saturday i can cut them alot of slack, great guests equal huge queue and i will give them the benifit of the doubt that they will fix those problems at future shows and in the end they host great shows but i will never understand or except the censorship of their customers views, its ludicrous and wrong. after friday and saturdays fiasco of trying to gain access and gold tickets we talked to a another couple staying at the hotel we were based out of and they had warned us of all the negative comments that were on this forum
  11. on sunday i realised that there was no way i was gonna get a Stan Lee autograph after seeing the queue for it in the underground car park so my partner and i headed up to the main doors at about 8;30. I think it was jason himself that opened the door that i and my partner went through. anyway we jogged down to the carrier fisher bunker, or what ever you want to call those little kiosk things she was doing signings in and were about third in the queue, there was a short man infront of us call Wilf (hello if you are reading this!) who regaled us with his story of him being told by terry farr
  12. Femi taylors pen ran out half way through signing my name. She picked up a fresh picture and a new pen and re did it for me... I think her assistant was to pleased about that. I guess they count the pictures out
  13. Femi taylors pen ran out half way through signing my name. She picked up a fresh picture and a new pen and re did it for me... I think her assistant was to pleased about that. I guess they count the pictures out
  14. Hello to the lady who had the thirty year old son. You sat with my partner nicola whilst we helped your son through his 4pm photo shoot with carrie fisher. I hope he got his photo taken with Stan Lee on Sunday evening
  15. or it could be more likely yellowmarlin that you missed my point that there was an option for people to not stand in line for two hours, save money and still have his autograph. hope you had a nice time btw
  16. You could probably buy that on eBay without bothering to come to the event. Part of the attraction is getting to meet the guest...however brief that meeting may be. You can't get that from an autograph; even if it's framed. after the way this event was run, i wish i had bought it on ebay, would have saved 3 hours of my life in a queue for a gold pass on friday
  17. Red shirt. Outnumbered by the blues. i only saw 4 red shirts over the entire weekend, did the rest miss the bus to the event?
  18. sorry mate, no disrespect to you but i pissed myself laughing at everyone who paid £70 for Ian's autograph as there was a vender selling it for £30 and it was framed to boot !
  19. not sure what day you meet Billy on but when i saw him on saturday he appeared to be non responsive, almost as if he was on some kind of strong medication... he just appeared to be out of it...don't want to use the term "drugged up" but he didnt seem with it at all.
  20. not all the photoshoots went well. the Anthony Head one over ran and this caused the Issac (Brandon Stark) shoot to be cancelled. one red shout emerged from the photo section and shouted out that it had been cancelled before retreating back into the photo zone leaving no one to inform people who arrived and were still looking for a single photoshoot with Issac. it was left with fellow convention attendee's to pass on the information, naturally you want that knowledge first hand and not from the public but there was a general shortage of staff and even fewer competent staff as my experi
  21. more than 6 people at the the gold ticket collection point, especially as only two of them were actually processing gold ticket confirmation emails...the other four were wading through photo packets and white plastic backs full of freebies. perhaps if you mailed the gold tickets out to people in the way that other events do you wont have to the total free for all that happened on friday, 2 hours standing at the organisation fighting to get served! gold ticket my @$$!
  22. when my partner went in for her photoshoot there were signs up say "no hugs", "no posing" and "simple poses only" and she was one of the first to get in...so at what point did she change her mind?
  23. i agree, my partner and i were shocked to see how much he had deteriorated and yet he keeps coming out for the fans, what a guy!
  24. in my opinion, the first thing that needs to be done is an open apology on this forum from SM to all those who missed out due to their incompetence and lack of organisation.
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