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  1. Hi, WIll there be advance guidance on where to Q depending on ticket? I'm guessing it'll be pretty busy given its the first in the area and I'm a little worried it might get hit with some of the issues that affected the Newcastle con. Will the early bird Q be clearly marked and given priority over people who turn up on the day? I'm bringing a mate for his first Con and I'd hate it to be 3 hours in Q's getting sunburned/rained on :) Chiaz.
  2. Well finally found the end of the raly bird q. Its so long they actaully ran out of building to Q round. First photo shoot missed already. Id ask a member of staff but I passed the last one half an hour ago and still wont get to the front of the Q
  3. Can anyone confirm which q is definitely the early bird q?
  4. Ive got a ticket for a 930 shoot with summer glau, am I allowex to Q jump if theres no sign of getting in on time for it?
  5. Just checked the ticket we have for the photoshoot and it says Michael Ensign, Milton Keyenes - has anyone else got the same mis print?
  6. Did anyone else bump into non guest celebrities at the event? We were lucky enough to bump into Yonko from CBBC on our way to the car park, a thoroughly lovely fella who made my sons weekend by happily posing for a photo and being quite impressed by his Matt Smith weekend. To be honest, that was on a par with meeting Billie Piper for my son!
  7. There's a young lad (well, young to me, probably early 20's) who makes a very convincing Tennant with a friend/girlfriend dressed as Amy Pond in the WPC outfit. We've seen them at 3 cons so far this year including Collectormania. I have no idea who they are but have to say hello next time we see them seeing as we've now bumped into them more times than some family members this year! Edit: Please do not mention non-SM events on this forum. Thanks
  8. You got them!!! Awesome :) Found them near John Leeson/Kenny Baker stall, spent an hour running round the converse looking for that distinctive top of yours (hint for the parents of bored kids - pick a random stranger with an distinctive outfit and tell them you're on a detective hunt for them). Feel a right pillock knowing I could have saved us both some time by looking closer to where I found em :)
  9. on Saturday we found two photos of a chap in a batman hoodie with a big gold batman logo on the front. one picture was on the iron throne, the other was with a celeb. we handed them in to event reception, don't give up thinking they're kicked!
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