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  1. Anyone from the TV show Vikings would be great. Comic wise: Pat Shand & Larry Watts The selection of Comic guests in the last two cons was kind of barren.
  2. There's a whole host of photos taken from both days been submitted by group members. Check out of the albums uploaded. Everyone is excited for March after a successful first Film & Comic Con. https://www.facebook.com/groups/772342182833910
  3. Yeah the page isn't loading for me either. All I have is a white screen of nothing but whiteness. All hail our new supreme overlord!
  4. I think I speak for a majority here in saying there's enough Doctor Who guests now. You may as well name it the Bournemouth Doctor Who Con. Some more comic book guests would be appreciated and some film guests wouldn't go amiss. Think there's definitely enough TV ones now.
  5. Even when Showmasters have already confirmed that Bournemouth is going to be one of the biggest conventions of the year? I hope they keep to there word. Funny enough I said this to people on my event page about not to get hopes up with big name guest, as it was unlikely being a new event and a Showmasters official got ratty at me saying I was misleading people. This is why we have to make do with all the Doctor Who cast.
  6. Would have been nice had someone at Showmasters told me about this prior to me finding out by complete accident.
  7. Got 16 Doctor Who guests so far... and an already vast science fiction guest line up. Any chance of trying to attract some other guests from different genres please? Also needs more Comic Book guests.I'm all for Doctor Who but I don't like the idea of saturating the guest list with former Doctor Who cast. Otherwise you might as well name it the Bournemouth Doctor Who Convention. This is why local businesses such as Paradox Comics don't want to take part in these events because it's too sci-fi orientated. Needs more diversity.
  8. Posted this in my group, pretty sure people will be happier. Good times.
  9. Hopefully there's a nice lineup of comic talent in store. Some folks aren't too excited at the current TV and Film lineup but we've got 4 months to go still. Bournemouth will be a better con than London. No we're not just saying that because we're from Bournemouth... we know it will be a better experience for people to enjoy. Get your geek to the beach my friend.
  10. Pat Shand / Larry Watts/ Jeff Balke for Bournemouth Film and Comic Con please.
  11. Just noticed on the website that Kristian is no long on it. Yet haven't seen any word to say if he's been cancelled or not. I can't imagine he would be. I'm assuming someone simply forgot to put him on there when the new website design went live.
  12. If there is one thing that Bournemouth can accommodate it's for hotels. It's got hundreds so you'll not be without your selection to choose from. Also the Bournemouth Air Festival is taking place the weekend before Comic Con.
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