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  1. It was Sean Clark host of Horror's Hallowed Grounds that appears on various DVDs and in Horrorhound Magazine,Nice guy got his autograph this time
  2. The balcony was open today very quiet when i went up there
  3. VQ tickets first then hope i get lowish numbers,it has happened in the past i had a high number for one guest back in july that i never got around to seeing,combination of High Number , lack of time to wait and the chance to see them the following day...then they left early before my number was called .
  4. Excellent Idea ,I have Tony Robinson,Stephen fry and Tim Mcinnery so anyone else would be fantastic...Maybe Rik Mayall ?
  5. I dont have many Photo shoots but half the time they seem fair ,called by numbers and the other times it's a free for all it all seems a bit odd really
  6. Hopefully it'll be someone i'm interested in as the more recent guessing games have resulted in no-one i really care to meet but fingers crossed
  7. Melody Anderson from Flash Gordon,Dead and Buried and Manimal would make a nice guest
  8. At the moment the following Sam Jones 10x8 Brian Blessed 10x8 Margot Kidder 10x8 Ernie Hudson 10x8 dont go in for anything else signed like posters or DVDs
  9. Nice idea but way out of my price range too but nice selection to look at
  10. I prefer Autographs but i do get a couple of photo shoots per event,The Hoff and KITT and Sylvester McCoy this year but for the first time this year i did attempt a few over the table shots most of which turned out pretty good i have to say and i am so glad i dont like Game of Thrones !
  11. Count me in for a horror con as well
  12. Everyone i met this year was fantastic,Meg and Katy were the standouts though both chatty with lots of hugs and cuddles,really warm and friendly
  13. He was really nice but then so was everyone else
  14. As i live not far away i will be making my way over about 4pm,however big the queue is i just cant stand waiting around in this heat for any longer than about an hour
  15. Aiming to arrive 8am seems like a good sensible time arrived at collectormania about 8 and got tickets for Jenna/Billie both in the 300's and had no trouble but hopefully i would have grabbed my major wants on Friday night just leaving the Saturday guests to get and then mopping up anyone else on the Sunday no Photo shoots on Saturday either,but 2 on Sunday But saying that parts of the underground are down next weekend mainly District which means a bit of messing around for me (no straight through train)
  16. Not a Game of Thrones fan and it's not from trying either, so thankfully i can save some money here but still intrigued to hear what it may be
  17. Friday last year was pretty quiet and as it was my first ever convention i thought it would be like that all weekend how wrong i was ! ...but while the Saturday was pretty hectic the Sunday was a lot quieter ,hopefully i can grab the major ones on Friday or at least most of them i haven't got a Gold pass this year due to cost but it was helpful last year
  18. Will be attempting to meet the following Linda Hamilton Meg foster Adrienne Barbeau Sarah Wayne Callis David Hasselhoff Danny Glover Lena Headey Avery Brooks William B Davis Peter Mayhew and the Doctor Who guests as well as 3 Photoshoots should be a busy weekend
  19. I prefer autographs ,but chuck in a couple of photographs each event i attend ,although i only started attending from last years LFCC I've now got 2 with Gillian Anderson which was a bit extravagant and i prefer the first ! my best was with Robert Englund absolutely fantastic shot ,so this year i have Linda Hamilton,Sylvester McCoy and David Hasselhoff lined up and unless an announcement is made for an amazing guest that will be all.however on the other hand my autograph cost is up to about £250 and I've had to drop the Stargate guests due to cost.
  20. Fantastic news and i second the Blue screen background but playing the video of "Jump in my car" awesome tune.
  21. Excellent topic and although i regret not going to any events before my first which was LFCC last year ,primarily to meet Gillian Anderson i do regret not getting Karl Urban's as i thought he was too expensive and i had spent way too much already on Gillian and he seemed not to be personalizing whenever i walked past ,it just comes down to money i guess actually i do regret not getting Roger Moore's when i met him back in the early 80's although i had no interest in collecting autographs back then
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