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  1. Regarding LFCC 2013 I too have had problems with my order. I placed an order on Feb 23, 2013 and I did receive an order# and a confirmation email, BUT no tickets. Everything I ordered BEFORE and AFTER this order has been received fairly quickly. I repeatedly emailed SM and FINALLY got a response to say that my order was shipped In early April but that they will look into this with the post office. I since emailed SM again and STILL no response! It is now 6/4/13 Over 3 months since I placed the order and 2 months since they claimed it was shipped and still NO TICKETS... Other members here have suggested I bring all my paperwork with me and speak with the organizers when I get there and sort this all out!! Are you kidding me? I am flying over 4500 miles to get there (from the USA), in order to attend this event and NOW I have to WASTE most of my Friday "Early Preview" getting not only my admission tickets sorted but photo-shoots as well. (sigh) I have to say I am severely upset with SM. I did not want the stress of sorting this at the last minute, so I purposely ordered my tickets early to AVOID this. I have a friend attending this event with me, she is just as upset, as we spent a lot of money on these tickets. She has said this will be her first and last event with SM. Way to make a good first impression SM..... NOT!!!
  2. Thank you all for your responses to my inquiry. I have had a response from showmasters, which stated that my tickets were mailed to me the end of April. (Although I ordered them 2/23/13 ?!) Anyway they have not been delivered yet, which I did tell showmasters and they advised me that they are checking on this and would keep in informed. I have not received any updated response as of yet but I am hopeful they will arrive soon. At least I am on the right track now... I HOPE! Thanks again!
  3. Is there any other way to contact the Showmasters people???
  4. I placed an order with showmasters online store on 2/23/2013. I have my confirmation# and my receipt showing that it was paid for and taken from my account. I have sent at least 4 emails to both info@showmastersonline.com and info@collectormania.com but have had no response. I will be traveling from the US for this event and I am getting very worried that I will not get these tickets in time. ANY advice you can provide me is greatly appreciated!!!!! This is for London Film and Comic Con 2013 THANK YOU!!
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