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  1. Eeeeek! So looking forward to MK now!!!! Can't wait to get dressed up in my shihakusho =D Who else is going in Bleach cosplay?
  2. Hey so sorry just got your message, you going to be down again on Sunday? We will be there all day. I have bright orange hair and my little sis is Yachiru and is pink =D We will look out for you too =D Hope to see you =D
  3. Right then if there is no party we will make our own =D I will have look on Google and make some plans =D This is my first collectormania, and I haven't been to a con in ages since I had a stall with my mum as a kid selling Star Trek cards =D, so I'm really looking forward to it =D
  4. So... my friends and I are off on a pub crawl after the show on Sat night and would like to know who would like to join us? We are all going dressed in full Bleach uniforms ect so it will be really good fun and a real laugh. Let me know if your up for it as it will be a great chance to connect with new people =D
  5. Hiya all, My friends and I are coming down in our Bleach uniforms and was wondering if anyone else would be doing the same? It would be great to meet up and grab a group shot of everyone together =) Let me know =)
  6. There is a smal group coming with me all dressed up in Bleach stuff so we will look out for you Also, are there any other Bleach fans going dressed up? If so we have to meet for a big photograph
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