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  1. MelaniePoitel

    Latest Guest Announcement - Brad Bell

    I don't know him but I planned to watch Husbands soon ! I'm already happy to know I'll meet him. Thank you :) EDIT: Ok ... Husbands is AMAZIIING ! I really love cheeks ! I can't wait to meet him and Jane !!!
  2. MelaniePoitel

    Standard ABSENTEE pack (?) - update post # 6

    Oh great ! I'll will tell her (again) thank you so much :)
  3. MelaniePoitel

    Standard ABSENTEE pack (?) - update post # 6

    I will tell her, thank you so much !
  4. MelaniePoitel

    Standard ABSENTEE pack (?) - update post # 6

    Thank you Queen_Sindel ^^ She can buy an autograph for Alexis and join it to the pass ?
  5. Hello ! My friend has a question (she can't register on the forum) "I want to buy the Standard ABSENTEE pack and I want to know if the autograph of Alexis is included on this pack." Thank you for your help. (Excuse my english, I'm french )
  6. MelaniePoitel

    Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! ;-)

    Facebook, check ! Twitter, check ! I also spoke of the Convention on the facebook page of Slayer Revival ! Many French fans are interested so, I hope we'll be a lot of french fans (excuse my english !)
  7. MelaniePoitel

    Introduction Thread

    Forum Name - MelaniePoitel Real Name - Mélanie ... Poitel ! Age/Location - 25, France ! What Ticket have you got/are you getting? - Gold Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 5? - (Sarah ? Impossible I know but ... who knows?) Eliza, Charisma, Julie, Alyson, Nathan, Danny, Felicia ... all ! Other Hallowhedons attended - It's my first Hallowhedon and my first time in England Hotel? I don't know yet Facebook/MySpace etc - Mélanie Poitel on Facebook, MelanieFOG on twitter Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - None Favourite Movie? Avengers (and all superheroes movies), Star Wars, Lotr (&The Hobbit ) Back to the Future, HP, Jurassic Park ... etc ! Favourite Other TV Show(s)? Buffy (of course ! Firefly, Tru Calling, Angel ...etc! Whedon is my master), TBBT, Supernatural, 2BG, OUAT, GoT, ... and a thousand more, I'm an addict ! Favourite Music? Muse, The Fray, Coldplay, Florence &the Machine, etc ... Anything else we need to know? I'm french ... I already told that ! (& my english is terrible, but I do my best ! ) & I'm also webmaster on the french site about Buffy/Angel/Whedonverse : http://slayerevival.com Photo? 1. my 25th birthday (Luigi cupcake !) 2. James & Nick at french con ! 1. http://fbcdn-sphotos...688066247_n.jpg 2. http://fbcdn-sphotos...788630537_n.jpg
  8. MelaniePoitel

    Amy and Alexis duo photoshoot?!

    It would be perfect !
  9. MelaniePoitel

    Latest Guest Announcement - AMY ACKER

    We are lucky !! I'm so happy ^^ Thanks for Amy
  10. MelaniePoitel

    Sponsored Guest Announcement - ALEXIS DENISOF

    Perfect ! I can't wait !
  11. MelaniePoitel

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM LENK

    Awesome ! I love him :)