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  1. Cool guest! I have his autograph, but will definatley get a photoshoot with him!
  2. Does this mean Dave Scott and Ed Mitchell are a definite for the September dates now?
  3. Sorry Dave. I was unaware of that. It won't happen again.
  4. I really hope they can secure Dave Scott for October in London! 2 Astronauts I really want to meet are Jim Lovell Apollo 8 and 13 Fred Haise Apollo 13 It's the 45th anniversary of Apollo 13 this year! Would be brilliant to see one or even both of them!
  5. Brilliant guest! Someone who I've wanted to meet for ages!
  6. It was very quiet today. I'm used to seeing the Apollo astronauts with big queues, but there were no big queues today. Was a bit disappointed with the Al Worden lecture (no fault of his). It was delayed for about 20 mins because they couldn't get the laptop to show on the projector. In the end he started without it. Eventually they got it working, although adverts for the Hilton hotel kept popping up and obscuring his slide show. He was a very engaging speaker with a great sense humour. I had to leave early because I had a photoshoot with Roberto Duran. So for £30, I had a long wait and a short lecture. On the plus side, It was great to meet Tom Stafford and Al Worden and my Photoshoots turned out great! Great to meet Roberto. I'm a big boxing fan, so when he was announced, I was hoping for a few more boxing guests. One of my highlights from the show was talking to Carol Cleveland. Such a lovely lady. Had a talk about the Monty Python o2 shows and got a photo with her at the table. Overall I enjoyed myself but something did seem to be missing this year. There wasn't quite the same buzz as there usually is. I hope it returns next year.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Yes my covering letter says the same. Was just double checking as normally the photo tickets are sent out and wasn't too sure of the procedure. Hope theres not too much of a queue to collect the tickets. Less than a week to go. Very much looking forward to meeting Tom Stafford, Al Worden and Roberto Duran!
  8. Can anyone confirm that all photoshoot tickets will be picked up on the day? I bought some photoshoots and entry tickets plus postage a month or so ago and received only the entry ticket. Do I just print out my confirmation email and hand it to someone on the desk?
  9. Would love to see a few more boxers.
  10. Jack O Halloran Marc Mclure Valerie Perrine Bevery D'Angelo Priscilla Presley Ann Margret Boxers Chris Eubank Michael Watson Steve Collins James Buster Douglas Riddick Bowe Thomas Hearns Larry Holmes Astronauts Fred Haise Jim Lovell
  11. Great Boxing guest! Looking forward to meeting him!
  12. Yes!! An excellent Boxing guest! This means we should have some more on the horizon too!
  13. Yes please to Superman guests! Annette O Toole Brandon Routh Jack O' Halloran Marc mclure
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