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  1. What do you like to do in your free time?

    Ice Hockey!! awesome sport if you have a local team I would 100% recommend it keeps us entertained all through the season then cons in the summer cant go wrong
  2. Last Post Wins?

    You made me Jump... Hey welcome to the race little Bat, There's only one Rule and that's to let the Camel win... Winning... Aw you must have missed the memo all camels have been excluded from the race! Sorry pal *horsey gallops cheerily past*
  3. Last Post Wins?

    Sorry your wrong lady dragon cos im winning!!
  4. Last Post Wins?

    How do horses accquire mod powers? oh well never mind im out in front again!
  5. Last Post Wins?

    Im back and in the lead!!
  6. Last Post Wins?

    Horse is back out infront even though camel apparently ate my hay and sugar lumps!
  7. Last Post Wins?

    hope you enjoyed the DVD camel you can watch it again now give you something to do while im winning
  8. Wrestler Suggestions

    Typhoon would be cool Id like to see Sting Demolition Hulk Hogan jimmy snuka greg valentine goldust terry funk jake the snake roberts ric flair bret hart ricky steamboat getting to meet hacksaw jim duggan and million dollar man on saturday at sheffield cant wait!!!!!!
  9. Last Post Wins?

    Did i happen to mention that i seem to be winning no you didnt mention that, not sure its worth mentioning now though!
  10. Last Post Wins?

    wookies are cool, not as cool as bowties but they are cool
  11. Last Post Wins?

    sorry to give you the hump mr camel...but im winning :smile:
  12. Last Post Wins?

    wahoo its here *jumps on the bus and speeds away* I win for ever and ever
  13. Last Post Wins?

    horsey gallops in front of camel and dragon but is getting tired *hooves crossed for a bus stop soon*
  14. Last Post Wins?

    Horses cant sing i did feed a giraffe yesterday though.... while i was winning!! hehe
  15. Last Post Wins?

    everyones losing and im winning!!!