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  1. Hopefully more actors that played Michael Myers Please...
  2. Good start on Halloween guests..hopefully more Michael Myers Please
  3. Catherine Hicks cancelled a showmasters event years back.would like to see her at some point.
  4. Would love to meet Danny Glover for him to sign my Saw poster
  5. what show is this guest going too ? plus we need a clue..
  6. Also would love to meet the cast of Killer Klowns From Outer Space..😊
  7. Anyone from Nightmare On Elm Street Halloween Friday The 13Th Remake Scream Child's Play Saw Walking Dead Would love it if u could get Derek Mears Heather Langenkamp Bruce Campbell Brad Dourif..but that's not gonna happen as he starts shooting new chucky film tomorrow😔
  8. I certainly hope so. 🙏🙏 let's hope
  9. 😂😂if I had the money I would
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