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  1. Love the guests so far for weekend of hell... Lisa Wilcox & saw cast
  2. Hopefully better con this will be.. Guests from.. Child's play Nightmare on Elm Street Halloween Scream Saw Goonies Lost boys
  3. horror guests please Brad Dourif Derek Mears Tyler Mane Bruce Campbell Heather Langenkamp
  4. Best Bond Film.. Goldeneye Best Bond..Sean Connery
  5. for autographs.. Help me please
  6. Thanks staff & crew always helpful. Hopefully Jason will post something on here to explain why this year was so poor compared to last 3 years. No headliners..for me personally it felt like the first ever Glasgow con all over againā˜¹
  7. Any Cast From... Nightmare on Elm Street Halloween Child's Play Scream Saw Friday The 13TH Remake Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remakes Super Geek Tv Shows Flash Arrow Legends Of Tomorrow Big Bang Theory Stranger Thing's
  8. I've sent email,hopefully there is as I missed Michael Madsen at lfcc
  9. With Jason mewes..that would be awesome photo shoot
  10. Need some more V cast please
  11. Yeah if showmasters dont book childs play cast for any con next year i will be extremely disappointed
  12. Hopefully Kevin Smith will be one of the guests tonight...
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