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  1. I honestly think this con is dead...been like this for 2/3 years now..not that many headliners like Robert England or Sean Astin like a few years back
  2. Danny Glover Matthew Lillard Please
  3. Hopefully we get some Nightmare On Elm Street cast
  4. Nice to see Robert back again...hopefully more cast will be announced
  5. Nice one Jason!! Definitely getting Saw Poster signed this time
  6. Yeah managed to sent saw poster down just in tme
  7. Brad Dourif Peter Weller Corey Feldman Heather Langenkamp
  8. Bump...come on Showmasters
  9. Yeah heard that also but also heard he love doing conventions now so hopefully showmasters give him second chance.
  10. Gutted Dina Mayer cancelled...after me sending my Saw poster too
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