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  1. out of my 6 im only getting one auto now as rest have cancelled i didnt book this event to see a specific guest but when all bar one cancels it is a blow and due to no refund policy on entry tickets you are stuffed if all your guests cancel and have a weekend ticket .....so in effect going for nothing if makes sense luckily i have one guest and two days to go so fingers crossed they will be attending still by weekend or ill be twiddling my thumbs all weekend sadly...
  2. im still awaiting noah refund but i got my ticket on 29th june so ill more than likely be one of the last to get refund but ive never had to get a refund before so unsure on how quick they are on returning funds x
  3. Right so now those going chevron cant even go to the fri preview unless they buy a weekend pass? you clash two events together and then to cap it all make sure people going to the other event cant even go to this one for one day ..... you dont need a weekend pass to attend the fri preview for lfcc so why is this event different?....
  4. Why is there no ticket information for fri 24th website keeps crashing and why is benedict cumberbatch only with platinum or more package? A friend of mine saw him at another event and didnt have to pay over the odds to see her idol just need some verifying before I decided to go as this clashes with another event of yours im attending hence the fri question.
  5. well see on mon what time it starts on the fri as some of us at chevron might be able to do both if early enough ....
  6. wow really outdone yourselves having this the same weekend as chevron .....this has put me off paying up front for tickets wont be doing that again
  7. To the person who stated its tough on those who cant save as schedules of actors are varied and if 3 months notice thats ok and tough on those who cant, I have no choice but to have 6 months to save for a convention I am a full time carer for my mother I do not have alot of money coming in so sorry if it takes me longer to have to save and sorry I have to miss my holidays off twice a yr because I have to save in advance. Ps showmasters this is not at you as I know you all of old just some people think you can save up and be rude at short notice not knowing the facts of peoples lives and just gutted right now that some people are like it here.
  8. I was so excited for this event but 3 months is extremely short notice for people like myself who have to save at least 6 months in advance so sadly I wont be going then
  9. seeing if mine goes over a hoop tomorrow if it dont wearing as is lol
  10. how bout robert davi? hes doing Autographica 21/23rd march perhaps a good guest for chevron???
  11. hi im kelly and im a nutter that is all in honesty apart from that this is my 5th chevy got to love and admire the staff and peeps that go we have a complete laugh party and smile and forget normality :) ps im the woman that has prob the biggest gob :) so come and say hi oh and Dan this isnt a dating site but then yet again you never know just need a roll of duck tape quack quack ... and hi debs love you cant wait to see ya again :) and emily will be lovely to see you again as we seem to pass like ships in the night at these conventions
  12. Pref london I also dont drive and transport is an issue for me but london is a central hub for most places ..
  13. hi there i nearly fell out of my chair and a few choice words lol i am like a few people here asking about whether he will have pre order auto tickets its only as i dont wish to miss the great man! but if VT im be just as happy :) really outdone yourselves this time showmasters!
  14. would love to win but more than likely wont but will be a in few talks over the weekend x
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