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    How was your day?

    I only attended Saturday and overall I thought is was good and time well spent but nothing is perfect of course. I got there about 8:45am and got put into one of the queues to get ready to go in, although i wasn't sure exactly what the different queues were for except i knew i was in the queue for those who already had a purchased entry ticket - and then we were lead into the area to take part in the costume world record attempt which i didn't expect. Just to note that I thought it was a very good idea that they had us queue in an empty show area as queuing down the main throughfare of the Excel building at DSTL-2012 was a mess and obstructive to other events at Excel. So good planning there. The [failed] Trekkies/Trekkers in costume World Record Attempt was poorly placed at first thing in the morning. It ran-on for longer than expected too as i had to rush out and find the ticket sales desk to swap my cancelled-photoshoot voucher for Brent Spiner photoshoot and Saturday Party tickets before i missed the Colm Meaney talk! When i eventually found the sales desk (after eventually finding a shows-person to ask where it was) i thought the queuing area for it to be somewhat tight, it needed a bit more space. Also when i got to the counter it was a plastic-faced sheilded booth type and the guy on the counter couldn't hear what i was saying so i had to fill out the paper form... The counter staff worked quickly though and i just made it the CM's talk a couple of mins late. It's the first time i've been to one of these events that've had the sales counter sheilded. I had no problems with the four photoshoots i pre-purchased [that weren't cancelled]. The queues were organized good enough though the signage could have been better and virtual tickets were not used this time and didn't seem to be needed anyway this time imo. Some queues were long but got through them very quickly, would some say too quickly? I had barely looked at the camera when the shot was taken leaving the feeling of "i wasn't ready" and looking a little like a rabbit-in-the-headlights, but i actually looked acceptable when the photo came out and the guests were looking happy. The exit area of the booths were way too open though and despite the staff telling people not to take photos from the outside there were those who did. On one occasion during the line-up for Brent's photoshoot a couple persuaded their child to take a photo of Brent during someone else's shoot INSIDE the area on his smartphone whilst the staff weren't looking, i was a bit peeved with that but the staff were a bit too far away to make a point of it... John de Lancie's photoshoot was probably the best especially a he made a point of greeting the long queue ready to have their photo with him as he knew there would not be much time during the shoot. Cool dude! I didn't go for any autographs this time but the queues in the autograph area look manic! Definitely constantly the busiest area in the show. Colm's talk on the Enterprise stage was very good but there was too much background noise from the rest of the event. I nearly absent-mindedly missed the Gates & Levar free talk on the Voyager[?] stage. It was good even if i was standing right at the very back of a huge solid crowd. The lighting on the stage looked a bit too dark though. Nicholas Meyer's talk was good. He said he thought that the Star Trek "reboot" movie didn't "say" anything (i got the impression he wasn't much of a fan of it - the storyline) and i just wanted to say, 'that's probably because it's meant to be an action movie!'. Larry Nemecek's talk was intresting and the Starships talk afterwards (i forget the speaker's name) fascinating and very popular. I liked the informal relaxed nature of the TNG Reunion talk despite the delay, which i don't blame the Guests for. A friend i made there wondered if Marina had already consumed a bottle of wine ;-) I thought the face-microphones the Guests wore were a fail though and once again as often what happens at these events i've been too the Guests can't clearly hear the audiences questions :-( If the guests are going to wear a face-mic again maybe they need to have an earpiece too to help hear the questions from the floor. Why were we told not to take photos at the TNG talk, that was annoying... I can understand 'no flash photography' but not at all was a bit harsh. Maybe they could've allowed us to take photo's at the start when they came on (as i've seen at other events) and at the end when they leave. No video is more understandable i suppose. The seats for the audience at the talk stages were a huge improvement over the cramped ones at DSTL-2012 - well done the organisers for that, thanks! The amount of other exhibits wasn't exactly exhaustive but that didn't matter too much for me this time. The Filmwelt stand needed more space as the shop was too cramped & busy to move through and see the items. People's costumes were great and i really liked the costumes of the two young ladies dressed as [TNG] borg - very good, though i failed to get a good photo of them :-/ Overall a good friendly atmosphere, but i can't help feeling there was just something missing, one thing to really "set-it-off" but i'm not sure what that would be... The Saturday Night party was a good atmosphere though the ground floor with the stage was too crowded and i feel sorry for the smaller fans at the back of the crowd who could see. The "themed" food and drink, especially, was on the expensive side - the "Blood wine" was a fail for me in that surely it should be warm not iced like normal sangria. A place where there was more eating space where you could hear or see the stage would have been nice. It felt a better atmosphere than DSTL-2012, or did it?? Also this year the night seemed to wind-up at a more reasonable time as i actually managed to get one of the last trains home :-) Numbers of visitors seemed less this time than 2012 but hopefully there was enough to make the organizers happy to do another one as I'd likely go again, circumstances permitting.
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    DSTL1 Digital Photos Please

  3. trekkedtoseethestarsoftrek

    Guiness World Record Attempt. Let's Do It!

    No, i do not agree at all. At DSTL-2012 when the current record was set on that Saturday (about 7:20pm) they started gathering the people for it around 6:30pm which was about the time when the main-floor part of the show, photoshoots/autographs/venders/etc, were finishing-up for the evening - in fact i had just purchased my TNG uniform from one of the vendors as it was closing and just made it to the record event in time! After the setting of the record it was off to the party so this was perfect timing. Everyone i came across last weekend agreed doing the record attempt first-thing in the morning made no sense for exactly the reasons "ajm1701" mentioned above. Also to be honest over the whole day of Saturday [the only day i attended] it felt like there was less people there than in 2012 anyway...
  4. trekkedtoseethestarsoftrek

    Sat night party

    I went to the Saturday Party only and did enjoy it though it was a bit over-crowded/cramped, more space was definitely required! Though saying that it was somewhat nicer than DSTL-2012 as there was way TOO much space at that venue! Tim Russ was great :-) I missed most of Vic as i had to use the seating upstairs to eat. And i know it was London prices but £8 was too much for a glass of "Blood Wine" sangria and most of it was ice! - surely Blood Wine should be served warm?? If it was served like that to make it more themed then eight quid would have seemed less bad. The food was good enough. What was with all the feathers??
  5. trekkedtoseethestarsoftrek

    Patrick Stewart Photo Shoots Cancelled

    Indeed the health thing was on my mind too as many famous people have left us recently and i recall at DSTL1 when i went to my photoshoot with Patrick he couldn't shake hands due to health reasons and with Mr.Shatner's 'shoot [for which i was so so lucky to get the last ticket for, even though i wasn't going to] he had to sit down throughout. That's why i was really quite p'eed off with J.Frakes cancelling due to work commitments as i really feel these events with most of the bridge crew together may become even rarer than they are already. So i think Mr.Stewart done a good thing staying with the Bridge group 'shoot. He may find it tiring to do too much posing for the photos, and i would be concerned about how long he can do the autos for... but he can sit down at least. I echo what "Dent_1" said above about u will get better interactive contact with Patrick during autos, though i've never had an auto from him that's generally how it goes with autos interaction wise - but the you (i) can feel the sometimes immense pressure from those queing behind! When i had the photo with him he was much more 'reserved' than many other photo seesions i've had, except for Dorn in 2012. Sometimes though the photo is something more special - but the ultimate (though costly for some) is the getting your photo with the guest also signed by that same person! ...ah......Amanda Tapping...... :-)
  6. trekkedtoseethestarsoftrek

    Just for fun: Name your favourite Star Trek theme tune(s).

    For me, TV: TNG, DS9 [it's not dull - but Voyager is! So much so that i can't be bothered to watch it] Enterprise [yes it's a bit cheesy, but i think it's good - lyrically too - and seems to suit the series] Film: STII: Wrath of Khan [the complete cinematic experience :-) ] and all the music throughout the movie.
  7. trekkedtoseethestarsoftrek

    Destination 2015

    50th!! I didn't realise! Due to expenses I was going try and make this my last big ST event, but you've made a good point - AND i hope to see Johnathon Frakes some day... so maybe this won't be my last and i might put aside some cash for that.
  8. trekkedtoseethestarsoftrek

    Frakes and Hallie Cancelled

    Indeed. If JF cancelled due to ill health or family reasons I would feel a little less annoyed but for work reasons... surely doing these events IS kind of part of his work and that his working timetable had factored-in doing this event. Though now I know he has form for doing such things... We all need to earn, but money is not always everything - I can imagine Mr.Worf mentioning something about honour at this point... Full cast reunions must very difficult to arrange and none of us are getting any younger... so i do fear that full reunions are becoming more & more precious rare moments than they already are. This is when I shy away from ordering in advance as i know these things happen - but one has to risk it else not being able to buy on the day due to being sold out. I now feel lucky i missed out on the TNG crew shot! I feel sorry for those guys I had booked J.Fakes photoshoot & talk, the Brent Spiner with Hallie Todd joint photoshoot and the Reunion Talk and have received the Colm Meaney replacement tickets for Frakes and a £40 voucher for the Brent/Hallie 'shoot instead. Thankfully this should be okay as I guess i'd see Colm at some point, so i'll allow this, and the voucher I will probably use against getting the Brent single photoshoot (if not sold out) and perhaps the Saturday Night Party (and hoping it's a little better than DSTL-2012's one), which is lucky as I paid using PayPal so not too sure how that refund would have worked out! So lucky timing of the cancellations with regards to the sending-out of my tickets! I'll still attend the Reunion Talk as intended even if seemingly a little diminished. Thanks to the organizers in trying to sort out these difficulties as these must be trying times for you too.
  9. ...is how old our tv/movie stars have become - and how old I myself am becoming! Still i don't think it's a bad thing as it adds something that i can't find the word for as well as being nostalgic. I feel those of us in our mid-30's into our late 40's (in general) have lived through and experienced the best TV/movie times especially for sci-fi. Don't you think so?
  10. trekkedtoseethestarsoftrek

    Talk transcripts - good or bad idea?

    I had a thought earlier: I strongly feel that there should be at least transcripts of the talks for fans to read after the event. There are genuine real, interesting, rare and unique responses from guests that will most likely never be repeated so fans who couldn't attend, couldn't clearly hear the responses when they were there or (like me) forget what was said due to poor memory could know what was said. I believe this would make us happy. It would also be a nice record for the future for when time comes to remember those good people who lightened up our lives when they're no longer around to do so. I know there is often a video camera at talks so the guests can be shown on a big screen but i don't know if it's also recording. I'm not asking if a video of the talk(s) be made available (though it'd be nice...) - especially for paid talks but a written transcript of fans' questions and the guest responses would be wonderful! :) What is everyone else's opinion?
  11. trekkedtoseethestarsoftrek

    The wonder of Avery Brooks

    I missed him this time but saw him at DSTL last year and he was way cool
  12. trekkedtoseethestarsoftrek

    Danny Glover

    Well i was one of the people who DID pay for the talk, i mean he IS a big movie star afterall! But it's true i was reluctant because i had to pay and when i saw how empty the talk area was it seemed a little sad. I wanted to go to the DS9 Talk but that cost £15 (though today i wished i'd went) i remember the queues waiting for it being massive! I really wanted to attend Amanda's talk too but that was a tenner and it was a joint talk with Jason Momoa and i never really watched SG: Atlantis or seen Game of Thrones so wasn't sure if the talk would be "Amanda" enough for me to spend even more cash. Still, it looked like it may have been good. Anyway back to topic. I even got to ask a question right at the end. Danny seemed to have trouble hearing some of the questions over the mic/tannoy system maybe be due to background noise and the host had to repeat some questions to him. I was determined not for that to happen to be so i spoke loudly and clear - but... i think i held the mic too far from my mouth - DOH! So it had to be repeated. My question was along the lines of: "In the movie 'Honeydripper' your character was seen playing a piano; can you actually play a piano or any musical instrument for real?" It takes me a while to warm-up & figure out what to ask a guest (which is a real problem when getting an autograph as there's little time so i usually do the "Hi-Thanks-Bye" thing...) but when i do it usually gets a good response - But, i often try and concentrate TOO hard on their response which clouds my memory and i find recalling what was said difficult... But it went something like: Yes he can play the piano [i think] and it was good to do a movie which allowed him to expand to do such things, and "...it was a good little independent movie and I'm glad some of you people got to see it." It seems he enjoyed that movie and his last sentence was a good end to the questions sessions i thought. I had to look-up the name of that movie on my smartphone (i didn't want to during the talk but was necessary) coz i forgot it. I randomly saw the movie on BBC1 late night last month which turned-out to be lucky! The guy next to me was also looking on his smartphone to get an idea for a question (whereas i had the question already) and he asked his question before me and he must have been very nervous as he really stumbled his words (incentive for me not too...). His question was something like "What future projects are you working on?" he also asked about a specific future project which i believe was a movie called 'Tokarev'. I forget Danny's answer (something about Russian/Russia was mentioned i think) as i was trying to keep the attention of the girl holding the microphone to past to me and i was worried i was going to miss my chance as it looked like one of the organizers came to call 'time' on the talk. I thought the guy was going to ask about Lethal Weapon 5 as i noticed that little interesting thing when i was looking for 'Honeydripper'. I strongly feel that there should be at least transcripts of the talks for fans to read after the event. There is genuine real, interesting, rare and unique responses from guests that will most likely never be repeated so fans who couldn't attend, couldn't clearly hear the responses when they were there or (like me) forget what was said due to poor memory would make us happy.
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    Feedback Take Two

    One more thing... This forum has been a good thing too that has helped people share their experiences and thus help us remember them - as well as suggest ways to improve events for next time. It's also a very functional forum with the text editing options and such. Thanks again - keep up the good work!
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    Anyone else think Al Matthews was ace?!?

    I was running low on cash but somehow i felt i had to get his autograph (the 1st of only 2 that day) and to say "hello" which i hadn't planned to do, and i'm so glad i did coz Al was great! As i wrote in another thread: - I didn't realise he was actually in the Marines for real, in the Vietnam conflict. I also found out he is into music and when i asked what kind he replied "Any music. You write it i'll play it. You fart it I'll play it" LOL I too wished i had got it personalised with a quote - i remember all his lines! (Photo-shoot next time...)
  15. trekkedtoseethestarsoftrek

    Feedback Take Two

    Yes some seated rest areas would have been ideal, i'm sure i saw a place with like a rug on the floor where people were sitting too, and there was certainly space for such areas. I was dog-tired after a busy week that I had to rest somewhere and couldn't sit on the floor as i wore light-coloured trousers so i had to find a seat and i ended-up sitting in on Charles Martinet's talk which was actually a good move as he did a good talk and it's alwasy good to see & hear someone with such enthusiasum & energy. Really I have no real complaints, i was well-done overall so thanks to the organizers and crew! My only major complaint is that i don't earn enough money!!!! I first went to one of these events maybe 5 or 6 years ago in Wembley to see the Red Dwarf actors and was surprised how musch it cost for autos. etc. So it kind of put me off. But after DSTL last year and this summer LFCC i think i might be hooked!