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  1. overall id have to say yes but the show did have its flaws for one like many people have said the price for a standard ticket to get in was way to much but you expect to pay to see the stars so no big complaint there. The problem with the show was i got there about 10am saturday i went to que for the free tickets and my god ive never seen such chaos there was one straight que then other staff came out with tickets and people managed to sneak out of line to run to them i mean why not have barriers and 6 or 7 diffrent staff members with tickets i know they figured it out on sunday but i mean how can you not predict people are going to grab them free tickets like the gold. anyway i had all my photo shoot tickets for sunday so saturday i just went to the free talks david warner and walter koeing was very good but after them talks finished i found myself walking around bored. sunday started with a mad rush to get a brent spiner ticket i did get one and he was very funny. the rest of the day i spent queuing up for shatners photo and the bridge photoshoot i finally went to kate mulgrew talk and she was wonderful she was my captain when i was growing up and she made it worth the money overall a good convention it was my first but if there is one next year id only do one day.
  2. im curious as to what they will be selling as its my first star trek convention do they sell replica shirts ?
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