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  1. Errr ok NAILED IT! yes this is a BIG GUEST!! thank you ShowMasters!!!
  2. Hate to be moaning but I have tickets for Sam Jones #18 and Brian Blessed #20 on the Saturday now WHY! would you put these Shoots AT THE SAME TIME? if you are a Flash Gordon fan its very likely you would want to do both Horrid planning
  3. AWESOME!!! I have to be at this show now!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
  4. Not true. In actual fact sometimes the announcement has been made before the time stated. when? who? must of been away for that one!
  5. once again EVERY time an announcement of this kind is made it's ALWAYS late! its done to try and leave us on tender hooks but really just winds up
  6. chill dude they do this EVERY time! guess they feel it makes all the more impact when they do post it pffft!
  7. WHY! do they always give a time for this sort of thing and then post it late everytime, my refresh button is getting a bashing!
  8. Stuart was AWESOME! thanks to him and all the staff for the weekend but he had things on lockdown! he did an outstanding job
  9. Got Post Con Blues real Hard! got back to work Tuesday to have a "sit down" and Handed a disciplinary, Normal life Sucks! Thanks so much to all the staff, Cosplayers and People I met who Made the weekend sooooo Awesome Just want it to be LFCC right now
  10. I it was me! I put them down for 30 seconds to take a Photo with a Cosplayer ( lesson for me in the future don't do that AGAIN!) turned round to find them Gone! thank you for handing them in I was going out of my mind when I couldn't find them, I went to the Info Desk and one of the event staff gave them back to me, good to know there are still some people in the world who will look out for others thank you your good people
  11. Nice!!! now doing both the Saturday and Sunday!!! Bille just Tickets booked!! :clap: thanks Showmasters!!
  12. Top, top news Spurs Legend "to play for tott-en-ham"
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