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  1. DAVID BLUE!!! :) he's so lovely! :) Jason Momoa Robert Carlyle Brian J Smith Alexis Cruz RDA All the beautiful men
  2. Don't worry about being alone! As everyone else has said you really do make so many friends! Especially after the party on Friday night - the next day everyone knows each other more and chats more and then you get to the Saturday party and its just so much fun - always a crazy one! So you should definitely come along! :) There's usually a Facebook page for it too so you can chat to people before you get there and it makes it less daunting! :)
  3. Thanks Mark!! :) Roll on payday!!! :)
  4. It looks so good! :) nice work guys!! So excited! :)
  5. Tell me about it! Going to feel so lost in November with no Chevron! But having them once a year is 10000000 times better than having to stop them altogether! :)
  6. That's great news! You're so good to us!
  7. Really hope these events continue for a long time because they're so much fun and so well organised!!! These events are organised better than any other events I've been to and it makes it that much more enjoyable! Well worth the ticket price!!
  8. Would love David Blue there!!!!! He is so lovely and it's been ages since he was at a chevron!!!!!
  9. So much love for David Blue :') Love that man! :)
  10. But not everyone has had their room cancelled! That hotel have been awful at events in the past with people turning up and finding they don't have a room booked anymore so I wouldn't just rely on a few people getting calls from a hotel who are known for their mess ups! I know it's a lot of money but I have never been to a ME event and felt let down, just got to keep the faith :)
  11. Just ordered my ticket!! yay!!
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