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  1. When they started doing Babylon 5 they knew exactly how this is going to end. They had all figured out. When they started Voyager, however, I don't believe they thought to themselves "okay, now they are going to get stuck there but we already have a brilliant way to get them returned to Earth".
  2. I can already expect the ladies room to fill up after the opening ceremony while girls help each other up, wear their special make up and put all their special accessories while the boys will simply find a dark sport each to change shirts and perhaps pants, so can declare on themselves "ready!".
  3. No, but according to O'Brien it can make your head go Kaboom! :)
  4. A small patch or badge can do it either.
  5. Me as well. :) Although it means that I will have to go without it for a few days because of the Event. It will be a bit ironic that I will be among other players (almost none over here in Israel) and yet won't be able to share our thoughts about this because we won't have a suitable computer for this. I know some play the RPG - but it's not that popular...
  6. Funny the Klingon's is included, but not the Federation's. :)
  7. Plenty of time yet to get myself a real Tricorder to the Event. :) Also: to loose weight so I can fit into my uniform. :)
  8. Have you tried the following facebook group? http://www.facebook.com/groups/288754451205266/ Also wrote you on a different thread. Let me know if you're interested.
  9. Hannah, are you traveling alone? Would you care for some company then? If so - mail me in private: yoav.geva at gmail.com
  10. Their are cheaper alternatives in the area, given you need the room only for sleeping and showering, and don't mind sharing it with someone else...
  11. Got a phaser, a shirt and a badge. Don't really need the pins. As much as I'm concerned - I can be ranked as a Crewman. :)
  12. A smart person will never get into a situation where a clever person knows how to get out from. In other words: they shouldn't have started this plot line from the first place if they didn't had a sort of a 'way back' after 7 seasons. You won't get on a plane and start flying without calculating first if you have enough fuel to fly back.
  13. Because 'Endgame' is like getting half-through the game and then because you got tired from it - you activate a cheat ("God Mode" + "No-Clip") and walk through to the end of the map just to finish it.
  14. How many of guests will be conducting talks?
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