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  1. Angels Take Manhatten, The Wedding of River Song) can't wait for the Christmas special
  2. I love the Mysterious play (Fushigi Yugi), Pokemon, Saylormoon)
  3. and of course all Doctor Who novellisations
  4. this is my top-10) J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter Terry Pratchett - Guard! Neil Gaiman - Coraline and American Gods Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre John Golsworthy - The Forsyte' Sage Margaret Mitchell - Gone with the wind J.R.R. Tolkien - Lord of the Rings M. Bulgakov - the Master and Margarita sir Arthur Conan-Doyle - all Sherlock Holmes stories Herbert Wells - Time mashine
  5. how lucky you are! so envious and jealous! want to visit Birmingham in December
  6. hi, everybody! Your forum is also popular in our country) so...Dear Russian friends, you're welcome in this topic всем привет! Ваш форум популярен и в нашей стране. итак.. Дорогие друзья из России,добро пожаловать в эту тему
  7. Hi everybody! Greetings from Russia! I have a question: how can I and my friends receive the autographs of your guests (especially David the 10th Tennant) Answer me please)
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