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  1. I was gutted the last attempt fell through. Just, don't say "Guest announcements coming up!" then stay quiet for weeks, then cancel the thing because there weren't enough ticket sales. We were waiting to see what those announcements were!! I guess it was a hollow message to make everyone excited and buy. Backfired though, didn't it. Failing a LOTR/Hobbit convention, yeah, a decent union of cast would be awesome at the Winter LFCC.
  2. Jed was a big draw for me, but I was simply waiting for the promised updates of further guests. I don't understand why you would go on about your great time talking to the cast and how excited you are to announce further guests, but then not deliver that.
  3. I'm actually really surprised about this. What was all that 'mingling with the stars' supposed to be... we were promised more amazing guest announcements that never came. Of course no one bought bloomin tickets because we were all waiting for that!
  4. I won't be dressing up. I can't afford to buy costumes either, and those LOTR costumes you can get on fancy dress websites are usually naff anyway. To be honest I wouldn't know where to get decent LOTR costumes that are really high quality. So I'll just be in my favourite clothes :)
  5. I think that list has changed since I first saw it - I'm sure Reading and Portsmouth were on it. Seems not, I'd have to go even further than that!
  6. Most cinemas aren't able to show films in 48fps. I live in Newbury, and the nearest cinemas to me to show The Hobbit in 48fps are Reading or Portsmouth. I don't really want to travel that far, so will try the 3D version in plain old 24fps :) I just found a full list of cinemas that show 48fps here: http://film.list.co.uk/article/47260-the-hobbit-at-48-frames-per-second-where-to-see-it/
  7. I'm so glad about that, as I want to see in 3D for the second viewing (just from curiosity), but I haven't really enjoyed 3D before. I don't feel so worried about it now.
  8. I thought it was a beautifully paced film, there wasn't any part I felt was too long. At the end, I was amazed it had finished already - the time really flew past!
  9. Me too :) The Hobbit was incredible. I'll be seeing it again in the new year too.
  10. For me it's not about big names, but people that are friendly and who I feel I'd be able to talk to easily. So any of the 4 original hobbits for example, or Andy Serkis :) Jed Brophy seems really nice and friendly, so I'm happy he's a confirmed guest.
  11. I would still prefer to see more LotR actors - in particular Billy, Dom, Sean and Elijah.
  12. Balin's my favourite. He seems to be the kindest and most sensible :)
  13. It's a superb film - the media didn't stop going on about the length of it as though it brought the film down. After seeing it I can conclude that's absolutely ridiculous - the time flew by and I was ready for more. The scenery is breathtaking, the story utterly absorbing. I think I've had an emotional back-up over this past year as I couldn't help myself from crying during the first 10 minutes, so watch out as that may catch you out as well lol. A second viewing is certainly on the cards :)
  14. I have to agree, putting up a notice on the main website should be the main priority, then updating this forum after that.
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