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  1. Hi. Just wondering is their a time set for the lectures yet? Need to book flights from and to Ireland for a day trip and need to schedule it as to not miss the Cernan lecture.
  2. Yes. Apollo astronauts preferably. By the looks of it the March show will be the astronaut heavy show.
  3. Hi. I was just wondering if the astronauts announced are going are going to be the final lineup of astronauts for this show? I am thinking of attending but only for the astronauts. I have no interest in the boxers or the actors. So is this the final astronaut line up? Thanks.
  4. When will first guests be announced Any Apollo guests?
  5. Hi, I'm travelling over from Ireland for the day on Saturday and will be in Birmingham at 7am. I will be heading to the Hilton for the Autographica event in the morning for a few autographs and then off to other business in Birmingham city centre, before returning in the afternoon for a the photo shoots.. Will there be any storage facility at the event for my belongings while I head to the city centre? I don't fancy lugging around my stuff, most of which will be signed items that will be quite expensive. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Shane.
  6. Will Buzz be selling any merch at his booth? Or any of the guests for that matter?
  7. Can you get Buzz's autograph with the weekend pass?
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