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  1. I think astronaut Chris Hadfield would be a very popular guest. He's probably the best known astronaut behind Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, as far as the general public are concerned. He's got a book to flog and is an accomplished public speaker so would be able to deliver a great presentation.
  2. Good to chat on Saturday, Luke. Very interesting to hear some background to this project. I saw plenty of the books being presented for autographs at the shuttle guy's tables. Wish I'd thought to take my copy along (and could have asked you to personalise it!). Hope we get to see a Vol. 2 in the works!
  3. Next time you could pre-order the autograph and have it delivered to your door? (and without paying inflated eBay prices!)
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed my second Autographica and agree with most of what has been said above. My wristband was only checked once when going for my Buzz photo - not for autographs or the lecture. I appreciate with an open layout/multiple rooms that was going to be difficult. That said when I did the Birmingham show last year (my first one) my wristband wasn't checked at all and all the guests/dealers where in one large room. It would have been simple to have a couple of staff members posted on the door?! The only disappointment for me was the lack of dealers. The front page of the website states "Over 200 tables of merchandise". Really?! Praise from me goes to Greg H. Johnson who gave a fascinating presentation ('lecture' isn't the right word!) on his Space Shuttle exploits. A few comments: - I know the first 4 rows were reserved for VIPs but, with less than half the seats taken up, why not allow us commoners to fill them after VIPs have entered? Looks better than having everyone spread out to the back - the projector needs looking at - everything had a pink tint! - why not invest in a remote pointer? A simple £20 USB wireless pointer would allow the presenter to control the slides instead of having to say "next slide please" constantly Overall, thanks Showmasters for bringing us these guests, particularly the astronauts. Looking forward to seeing what Birmingham has in store in September!
  5. I've got this book (no. 329/500) and would highly recommend it, especially at that bargain price! The photos are stunning and show the the shuttle from all angles along with the astronauts at work. Buy a copy! (Disclaimer: I'm in no way connected to the author!!)
  6. Yes Minky, just print that PayPal confirmation and bring it along on the day
  7. But if we've not ordered entrance tickets, we can just collect photoshoot tickets on the door when we pay our entrance fee, correct?
  8. Today, February 7th 2014, marks the 30th anniversary of Bruce McCandless' first spacewalk using the MMU resulting in the iconic photo of him floating away from the shuttle. Hannerzzz09 - photoshoots now available for purchase £20 Sat/Sun.
  9. Only one of the original 7 Mercury astronauts left now, John Glenn. It's very sad to see the people seeking to profit immediately from CDR Carpenter's death. I was watching an autographed photo on eBay for £54.95. The day he died, the item ended and was miraculously re-listed the following day for £69.95. And that's from a professional seller who should really know better
  10. Now available! http://showmasters.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/Autographica-2013/C0000zv85B89B3Og
  11. As a first-time Autographicer, do the wristbands allow us to leave and re-enter or are we stuck inside?
  12. I've received my 'ticket' for Saturday. It's just a blue wristband, not an actual ticket, is that correct? Also, I booked a photoshoot for Saturday but the ticket doesn't state a day?
  13. Excellent, thanks Dave. Really looking forward to getting my Buzz auto...
  14. Any idea when the pre-orders will be sent out please?
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