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  1. Drew Barrymore or Timothy Olyphant for LFCC 2018 or Collectormania !!!!
  2. I really hope to meet them at this 2018 edition !
  3. Teri Hatcher for Lfcc 2017 is a great idea to do a MacGyver reunion. we all know she's doing cons now, so please, invite her !!!
  4. That is the best idea ever!!!!! They both look great on the australian photos duos!!! <3 (and Teri isn't so expensive as everyone thinks so)
  5. Being Human (US) guests : Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington & Meaghan Rath!!! It'd be amazing to see (some of) them!!!! :)
  6. DEAN CAIN He was The Best "Superman" ever... and he's doing conventions in the usa... :)
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