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  1. I was going as ino from naruto but changed my mind to super girl and my sister goings as raveger
  2. Sucks that I won't be wearing my costume tomorrow
  3. Hopefully it be worth the money then haha
  4. You do have the right character and my hairs already long and blonde so sorted there wish I thought of that I just spent £40 on a costume getting made for me I learn next time I suppose haha
  5. That is a smart idea honestly envy people who can make a costume out of nothing
  6. am the same I actually have to get one of the women I know to make mine for me cause I would only make a mess of it am sure your's will turn out good tho
  7. yeah its a pretty good anime tho took me a while to decide who to go are you dressing up ? :)
  8. yeah me and my mates couldn't decide and I have only finally talked them into it I am going as Ino Yamanaka from naruto
  9. thanks for letting me know :)
  10. hey this is my first year going to this and I do want to dress up as an anime charter does a lot of people dress up?
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