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  1. This was my third time as a VIP Admiral and to me it's worth it. I love the experience and every benefit that being an Admiral offers. But like any ticket or package it is what you make of it. I know a lot of people where not happy with certain packages and didn't see the value even in the Admiral package but it's not the cost it's the experience you make for that cost that matters. Personally I get as much out of the weekend as possible to the point I didn't actually sleep I was out most of each night partying and at the con I met every guest for a photo an autograph sometimes just a cha
  2. Hall 4, it's easy to find and there are lots of maps around the NEC
  3. Is anyone else staying at the Holiday Inn Express Castle Bromwich? I'm staying from Thursday to Monday so be great to meet a few Trekkies, I'll probably be getting Taxi back and forth to NEC to so if anyone wants to share.
  4. As an Admiral you can jump any queue so there is very little queuing ever which means you can do most things without to many clashes. I have been an Admiral twice before and will be this time it's always a fantastic experience. See you there.
  5. can you add me to facebook for a chat? dtimbrell@hotmail.co.uk David Timbrell-Clark or e-mail me
  6. Cool. Which train Station is this? Birmingham International
  7. I have looked up the parking at the train sation which offers 24hr parking for £15 and not far from the NEC
  8. I am staying at Holiday Inn express Castle Bromwich, I booked the room for 2 but my mate cant come now so don't mind sharing if you help with the cost
  9. You are never alone at a Star Trek convention, you are amongst friends. I go on my own every year and my favourite part of the weekend is meeting new people with the same interests and I find everyone is always so friendly and nice. I've met some amazing friends over the years.
  10. I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Castle Bromwich, its about 5 miles from the NEC so plan on leaving the car and getting a taxi back and forth. If anyone else is staying here let me know and we can share taxi.
  11. Very pleased to see Robert will be there, always wanted to meet him :)
  12. I had an Aliens marathon today, amazing films!!
  13. Sounds like a good plan, be good to meet some of you.
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