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  1. Hi thanks for your help 10-20 mins from Olympia would be ideal and must have accessible entrance, room, bathroom space for a wheelchair most hotels have a wide entrance but lifts and room entrance are a complete and utter joke not mention the circus tricks my friend has to do just to go to the bathroom
  2. Would anyone have good suggestions in wheelchair accessible hotels that are close to the Olympia hoping to go the spring March 2/3 weekend but can’t find anywhere plus v unhelpful receptionist
  3. Would adore the following from The Last Kingdom Magnus Brunn Timothy Innes Adrian Brouchet Rune Temte Harry McEntire Jeppe Beck Larsen Christian Hillborg Eliza Butterworth Emily Cox Toby Regbo Mark Rowley Arnas Fedaravicius Tobias Santemann Alex Draymon
  4. THE LAST KINGDOM Mark Rowley Ole C Ertvaag Toby Regbo Emily Cox James Northcote Christian Hillborg Jeppe Beck Laursen Harry McEntire Rune Temte Anyone from The Walking Dead The Goonies Josh Brolin Sean Astin Kerri Green Jeff Cohen
  5. For the DP and the GP to be in earlier and GA to not be running or walking around like headless chickens only to find the guest they want at 10:30 to be VQ 337+ please please can a map of where the guest are placed be included in the programme.
  6. Hi all will be attending Saturday only and have some major clashes Steven Yeun Photo A Batch 4 David Morrissey Photo C Batch 1 Iron Fist Group Photo F Batch 2 Game of Thrones Talk No Gold or Diamond pass HELP
  7. in all that is holy please let there be a sibling photoshoot with Finn Jones I would get this in a heartbeat
  8. He was absolutely brilliant would highly recommend meeting him he was so friendly, chatty, interested in who else I came to see and told me some stories about Romeo and Juliet and Scream cast.
  9. Went to the Jeremy Renner talk to on the Sat while some of my issues have been already mentioned, can somebody tell me what was wrong with the large screen? . The colour was bad and out of focus some of the time not forgetting the video image didn't actually fit the screen itself.
  10. I will re watch all LOTR, Saw, Scream films and chase up on those borrowing the matrix and Romeo and Juliet. Now will I watch them all before the Saturday?????!??????!
  11. Will be doing this despite the fact I have only watched one episode thanks for the spoiler alert guys
  12. Yay 1st girl from Game Of Thrones for me looking forward to it fingers crossed for more
  13. Always a pleasure to chat with definitely be asking about Iron fist
  14. I for one like this announcement as he is one of the many that I grew up watching and can't wait to meet in person.
  15. Hoping that the empire chair green screen comes back as the way I'm going the only thing I would go as is me or StarWars fan in PJ's
  16. Will be the first brother of The Nights Watch for me can't wait to meet him and talk about his other projects
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