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  1. Can we please just get the whole cast of Critical Role here? That would be an epic day.
  2. @AMS546 your comment was purposefully nasty. There was no need.
  3. I think a lot of the negative feedback could've been easily avoided by SM if they posted a clear complaints procedure for anyone that was unhappy. I think a lot of people became more annoyed that their complaints weren't being taken seriously. And even worse, they were being attacked for it. I for one enjoyed a lot of the weekend and the negatives were only small things, but the reasction to those negatives made me more frustrated than the event ever could. I am annoyed about wasting £80 on party tickets for two people. I would like to follow a clear complaints procedure in order to cl
  4. I feel that I've been doing the completely wrong thing on this forum today by complaining about random things on random posts and having no order to my thoughts. So here is my full review. I bought two 3-day standard passes for me and my other half. These were the highest proces we could afford due to things like travel and hotels but that was my choice. I was a little disgruntled, however, when I logged in to buy some extras (parties and photoshoot) to discover that the opening ceremony was a paid event. And a damn expensive one at that. I had thought originally that if I bought entrance
  5. This is really nice to read. I'm glad she helped you so much
  6. Thats all I wanted to know! Who to direct my issue to.
  7. So, no one will point me in the right direction?
  8. You say that the people complaining did not plan ahead. I have been planning my attendance to this event for a few months. You state "They just turned up after 9am and expected too much." - Well I had to stay in a hotel my friend worked in just to be able to afford this and it was a journey and a half (Marriott if you're curious and it was Two DLR's and a 15 minture walk away) and I still got there at half 8. "This was not a simple event where you could stroll in at your convenience." you're right, I had to stand in a queue in a different unit and I was guided in at someone else's conv
  9. And to make a claim about false advertising is legit in this case. But you brought it up. Not me.
  10. Well, to be honest, I didn't like Neelix as a character. I would never have gone to get his autograph and it's not really a memory of the weekend as he wasn't there. Bobby Clarke was in one episode. Once. That's pretty minor and I had a blast meeting him. Getting a pre signed auto from someone brings them to your attention and I might have gone to see them while in the convention. Perhaps to get a personalisation on the autograph.
  11. And the goodie bag was a bag filled with adverts. I got a cardboard beer mat and a badge. Not exactly thrilling but since the contents were not listed prior to purchase I have no right to complaint about that aspect.
  12. I agree with the value for money aspect of the ticket and I'm not saying that the event was ruined by this but I still have to insist that if I buy something I expect to get what I purchased.
  13. I think you may have missed the point of my post. I paid for a pre-signed autograph from a guest in attendance. I didn't get that.
  14. Hello Everyone, I'd firstly like to say a big thank you to the guests who made this event worth attending. I'm not going to dwell on the disappointment that was Stage B because that's been hashed out already. I am curious about what was promised with my 3-day standard pass and I dont know who to direct my question to. On the website I was promised the following: 3 Day Event Access 1 Pre-Signed Autograph* 1 In-Person Autograph** Limited Edition Print Exclusive Goodie Bag * Pre-Signed Autographs will be randomly selected from guests attending, but will NOT include Willia
  15. I'm on the train. I've got a twitter thing going on where I'm tweeting pictures of myself on trains and in cafes as we travel. Follow me and you'll find me lol @jeniswift Hoping to get there by about 4pm
  16. And dont forget youtube! *Cough* DSTL VLOG *Cough* Hahaha :)
  17. Everyone around me knows that at 2pm today the 24 hour coutdown begins haha!
  18. I've been doing a countdown at work! People are getting annoyed!
  19. If anyone is on their own and they want to say hi then come on over! I'm very friendly! You can follow me on Twitter @JeniSwift I'll be tweeting my locations throught the con. I'm also making a video diary about DSTL on youtube. Just search Jeni Swift for that is my Channel :)
  20. I'll be there all three days. We're staying at the Marriott so should hopefully get there between 3pm - 4pm.
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