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  1. I went mainly for merch and cosplay so I was a little disappointed that I didn't buy a lot. There was a hot toys stall that was at least £100 over priced I really wanted that joker xD I got a batarang, some shirts, an enterprise playset, dex Starr figure set, dcuo joker statue an batman bust.
  2. Thank you :) I think the folder is set to private because I cant view it
  3. I really want to go again, hopefully university time will allow for this :)
  4. Is this Mary Lou and Craig? I loved you guys, Andel btw :) Yup thats us :) were doing some photo hunting now ^^ Loved meeting up with you guys.
  5. It was our first con and we where so suprised at how lovely everyone was and loved the cosplayers! We went as Joker and DCUO Harley quinn :) My favourite cosplayer would be a tie between all the batmen I saw xD (can't choose) and Sherlock holmes!
  6. Aww thank you We had a few poses, our favourite was romantic and its the only one we havent found on the internet if anyone has a picture of us in romantic poses I will love you forever.
  7. I saw a batman around the group photoshoot by the batmobile, I think he was doing something for charity. I didnt approach because was so shocked about the fact that he looked exactly like the arkham asylum batman.
  8. Had an amazing day and loved the throne :) everyone was really nice and we will deffinately do it all again next year. Has anyone got any pictures of us? It was too akward to keep pulling out the dying iphone so we only have about 3.
  9. I didn't see a thread like this, so sorry if I'm being blind. I thought people could post the days they where there in which costume and people could post there snaps :) to start off my boyfriend and I where Harley and the joker. ( future Harley with the bazooka) we where there Saturday.
  10. Aww don't get me all excited, I would love to meet him.
  11. Thankyou, I have to admit my dad made it whilst I slept and I just decorated it xD He spray painted bits of my costume for me because i'm useless and I did the fiddly bits. I have 1 glove and a bit of fabric being dyed now xD will pull it out thursday evening to travel to london on friday. That riddler is amazing, if I see you may I get a picture?
  12. Hoorah! Us speccies have to stick together! Spesh when we're cosplaying people who aren't supposed to wear specs. xD (I will be taking mine off for photos, but eh >.> ) I can't wear my glassess over my mask, so i'm hoping my boyfriend will point out things I am too blind to see.
  13. I am a bad person, If I see packs of trading cards they get stuck on my wall.
  14. Aww mr bump :3 Here is a pic of my bazooka for identification purposes.
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