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  1. it's not a long ranty thing, just a couple of points. I know it's partially my fault as I didn't read the ticket but I got an early bird ticket for Sunday which online say was from 9am (Doors open: 9am to 6pm both days. Last admission 5.30pm.) whereas the ticket said 10am which I didn't realise until we got there so had alot of waiting around with a toddler. I also think that as the Sunday was so quiet (and from what I hear, the Saturday had been quite busy) is it worth trying to get a big person to do Sunday as well? I found it particularly quiet, enough that I could let my little Pikachu run around (not in an annoying way I hope). And in general there seemed a lot less stalls so having it as the same cost at LFCC (which was in esscence twice as big) seemed a bit of a bummer, especially as we only got in an hour before the normal tickets in the end. As a overall event I had fun it was just a pain that all the people I wanted to see dropped out the day before but I had already prebooked parking (and made our costumes) but I am glad I came as I met some lovely people (non guest) and as ever, the effort that goes into peoples' costumes is astounding so well done all! Luv Tamasn the Freak x x x
  2. Here you go: Saturday shoot and Sunday shoot THANK YOU! Just bought it :) free hug if you're there Sunday? x
  3. Craig Sheffer is down for a photoshoot here but I looked every day on the website and it wasn't up! Bit peed off to be fair as I'm a massive OTH fan and I'm gunna have enough trouble getting a toddler up and ready and in London for 9 to make sure I don't miss the chance to buy the photo ticket!
  4. I went with my best friend, sister and 2 year old daughter on Sunday and it was by far the best convention we have ever been to! Adam Baldwin serenaded my daughter with Hero of Canton and she blushed
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