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  1. Tom Auton

    Guest Suggestions

    Anyone from Stranger Things, Twin Peaks and Doctor Who.
  2. Tom Auton

    Doctor Who Guests!

    I would love to meet Katy Manning, Daphne Ashbrook & Yee Jee Tso. Any chance of a joint photo with William Russell and Carole Ann Ford please?
  3. Any chance of a photo shoot with William Russell and Carol Ann Ford please?
  4. Tom Auton

    so who do you want the other guests to be at this con

    Bernard Cribbins. Catherine Tate Mark Gatiss Steven Moffat Russell T Davis
  5. Tom Auton

    Lords Of Time convention 7th to 9th of September

    The website seems to be down ;(
  6. Tom Auton

    Photo thread

    Not the real photograph, but a photo of it that someone uploaded for me. I can't wait to get the real thing! I only heard about the shoot a few days before. For me it was an event not to be missed. They Doctors were happy to oblige me and play along!