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  1. I saw u taking this picture as our train pulled off, did he get on the same train as you in the end ? It was nice of him to come to the train window & wave us off, great guy. I was the one in the Vikings shirt Yes I remember you. He was really nice. He wanted the driver to open the doors to say goodbye to you personally but it couldn't happen as the train had to leave. That was a really classy thing to do. He was on the same train as me but heading in the direction of 1st class. Knowing my place I thanked him for his time and the photo and went to the other end of the train! lol. He was a real treat to end the day off. Oh and just to say, I didn't just mooch him at the station. I had got his photoshoot earlier in the day as well as his autograph. This was just a bonus, a cherry on the cake if you will! I wondered why he came to the doors of my train, I thought he was gonna get on, but then he spoke to the conductor and I thought then he found it was the wrong train. That sounds really classy as you say, shame it didn't happen but he came to the window & waved us off, that was just as cool, what a really brilliant guy.
  2. I saw u taking this picture as our train pulled off, did he get on the same train as you in the end ? It was nice of him to come to the train window & wave us off, great guy. I was the one in the Vikings shirt
  3. I would like to see a lot of the old classic actors from my chidlhood days during the 70's, Bernard Cribbins being an example. Unfornately is obvious & sad that the older celebs will not be around as long as the younger ones, so to meet them before they leave us would be fantastic
  4. best show ever, no complaints, even if the weather was bad, it still would of been an awesome day. Pat yourself on the back showmasters !!!
  5. There's nothing wrong with Queen. Already looking forward to next event !!!
  6. Was it you I spoke to sorry for calling you mark by mistake
  7. Thankyou Animator, but as i say i am quick enough to complain when I think things are wrong but also quick enough to apologise when I am wrong.
  8. I have posted on here in the past, under my old username which was 007paul007, and even under this name and I have blasted Showmasters over many things, organisation, virtual queues, to name but just a couple. I have noticed the last couple of years the improvement in things and this show was absolutely spot on in my opinion. So much so that after getting Billie Piper's signature I approached Mark, who was standing right next to the queue in his Queen shirt. I congratulated him on a well organised event & apologised to him in person. I was wrong to criticise so harsly in the past, but i am big enough to stand up & admit when I was or am wrong, Mark gracefully accepted my apology. Showmasters have improved massively and congrats to all involved for a great weekend, also full marks to the lovely young crew member lady who was ticketing Bernard Cribbins, she was very nice, helpful &very friendly as was all the staff this weekend. Thanks for helping to create new memories for me & my daughter. Showmasters are definately a 10 out 10 outfit, than have showed they can run successful events like this for many years to come. Once again I am sorry for any bad feeling or harshful criticism in the past, my apologies if you took my criticism personally it was never meant like. Congratulations on a great weekend and no complaints from me.
  9. just a quick point on the on VT tickets & whether they were taken or not, at Brian Blessed's queue I copuld see the guy taking the tickets at the desk and throwing them in a cardboard box, which is what I did with mine when I got near enough to it. The Tickets for Andrew Lee Potts were never taken off me but all the other virtual queue tickets were, with the exception of Hannah's, when i decided to go I offered the tickets for Hannah's queue back to the crew member, who told me to just either throw them away or keep them, I handed them back to the main desk in the end as I was leaving. So I just thought I would throw that into the ring, as I say the rest of the event went well for me, and that was the only problem.
  10. Just read the point of the people using old tickets, when I was in the queue for Andrew Lee Potts, i picked up a ticket off the floor number 39, which was for Hannahs queue, it had the name Nigel in pen on the back and being honest I handed it back to one of the crew members at the table.Guess honesty does not pay lol I had decided to leave simply because it was too cold, which having just got over an infection I didn't want to take chances of getting it back lol. If it had been like saturday's weather then I most probarbly would of stayed.
  11. I went to both saturday & Sunday this year after giving last year a miss, the saturday was hectic and very hard to move in places but I didn't leave until around 6 although in some places it was pretty Cold. I have saw the other thread with complaint about Jake La Motta, who was taken ill, I did see him being taken around & at one point it seemed like he was being pulled around. However i was able to get all the signatures I had come up for, Brian Blessed being the last. I turned up on Sunday where it was even more colder, I saw members of staff shaking and even Martin Offiah was shaking and saying how cold it was. I did have problems trying to get Hannah's signature, i had got the 4 others I wanted, when i was given the ticket I was told to come around 11am, I came back and they had just put the number up to 100, they told me to come back at around 12. I went away and checked and found out she had a photo shoot then, which would be followed by a lunch breah and a talk at 2, I went back to the queue at around 11.30, it was pretty small, my number was only about 50 out. I was told to go & find somewhere warm and come back around 2pm. I stood around for 5 minutes when one of the staff when to the queue and checked the tickets, to see a member of public in the queue, without a ticket, and she did not tell them move, she just said I didn't hear that ok. I decided to leave and not bother this time, as i was frozen as it was. Apart from that the rest of the event was brilliant, maybe they do either need to change the venue or move the dealers out and the stars indoors, who knows ?
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